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Book Covers: Why They're Important

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Let me first start by saying that I am no expert on this discussion, in fact like you I am struggling to get my name and works some recognition. With that being said however I can say that if there's one thing every author should have and know, it's a solid well put together cover for their book. Let's be honest here, a cover is the first thing a reader sees when they come across you and your work. You want the cover to be engaging, capturing, alluring, in simple terms; you want the cover to be so well done that the person can't help but want to pick it up and read more about it and even buy it so they have it for their very own. The sad part is that a lot of people "drop the ball" when it comes to this rather simple concept. They either don't focus on getting a solid cover for their work or they get someone to do a half ass job on it, (please don't be one of these people).

Now that I have your attention realize that this is how you want to make people feel about your book but in a good way. They see something gripping, something out-there, something that draws them in and in a way connects and relates to them. This is how you want to build around your book cover. The best thing to do is look into getting a professional cover artist or illustrator to design your cover. Remember if you have an idea that it's your idea to envision and their job to bring that vision to life. Find someone that fits needs and can work your vision and creates in a way that you like. I myself found a wonderful cover artist whose done my works, her name is Gemma Newey and she's done all four of my book covers and I am so thankful. You can check out her work @ Again some people's style isn't for everyone, but please realize that the best thing to do is look around for a cover artist aka a professional illustrator to do your cover for you. See if the the money works for you or see if you can get someone to do it for free, though I caution the quality of someone who would agree to do your cover for free so maybe that's not the best idea. Also while I don't like using premade covers, maybe this is for you as well. A premade cover may be within your budget, fits your idea and vision and is better then a crap cover job you had done for you before. My latest book, Opium Warfare has a premade cover by Gemma Newey and while I wouldn't normally go with premade covers I felt the cover was calling out to me and it fit the idea I had for the book so I decided to purchase it and she touched it up a bit. I had a premade but still high quality book cover. So again, look into getting a professional artist or go with a cover already done that speaks to you, don't settle on something you may later regret because after all a cover is the first thing a reader sees and if you aren't totally satisfied with it how can you expect a possible reader to be?

So why is a cover important? Because it's the first thing a potential reader sees and this will be the picture that represents your book. Obviously you want it to pull readers in so why would you try to do it yourself or have someone unprofessional do a poor job? Assuming of course you yourself don't have the skills to make your own designs. If you can do your own designs and create your own covers then by all means as you save yourself a step. Remember that your cover may not appeal to everyone but you know it will appeal to you and a certain crowd. People will see it and fall in love, others may be appauled, other just not interested but either way they see it and it makes them think for a second, it gets them interested and if after catching their eye, the book is in their hands and their reading the inside flap or the back of the book for the synopsis. Just remember that your cover is to get the reader to that next pick up the book and read it.