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A Certain Kind of Horror

Posted on October 10, 2014 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

We all have either read, watched or even experienced some kind of Horror within our lives. Horror is an untested genre compared to the likes of others, it could stand on it's own but at times is found pairing up with other sub genres and always getting something added to it even though it never truly needs a change or makeover. We are all scared by certain elements of horror but aren't there certain ones that just scare us a little but more then others? Out of all the types of horror there always seems to be solid constants which consist of blood, a victim and the whole foundation to which makes horror so good at what it is...scare. So while I remember making a list a while back of the certains kinds of horror, that was then and this is now and here are the certain types of horror to which we as a society find to scare the living hell out of us but we cannot seem to get enough of.

Classic/Fright Horror- In my classification this would be what we know today as the classic universal horror films like Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc. It's the type of horror that at the time was normal, typical and truly horrifying but now in my opinion has it's own type of horror as almost humorous and gives more laughs and chills then shocks, screams and cries. It's this horror that has set the stage for the horror we know today yes but in it's own honor and right it is a type of horror to which "we can deal with, comprehend and not feel overwhelmed with fear". 

The Gore and Gruesome- Now it's no surprise that most horror we know of today has gore and gruesome elements. If it's bloody, it's gruesome and if it's both you can be sure there's a crazed phycopathic killer that's doing all the damage and loving every bit of it. Some just don't have the stomach for such horror which is why it's a certain type, because it's not for everyone but those who do love it seem to get no reaction and love seeing guts, blood and gruesome scenes from books and television. 

Spooky- This falls under the ghost, ghouls and paranormal type of horror. The kind that at first glance you think whats so...and before you know it you realize that what you're seeing isn't really there or is only half there. Ghosts are another case of classic horror and they certain pack enough unnerving to scare and spook anyone to kids from 1 to 102. Then of course their are ghouls, the living dead and the whole paranormal type of scare that give this type of horror it's own classification. Sure some investigate and aren't scared in the slightest by this but nevertheless it is a type of horror.

Splatterpunk/No Filter- I used a word that's already been coined but it's the best way I can describe the type of horror. Splatterpunk is a type of horror to which goes beyond well beyond the normal amounts of gore, blood and sinister ways a person is used to. It's a detailed and graphic type of horror which tends to have no filter and uses the presence of blood and gore to really drive a story.

It Just Is- How is "It just is" horror? Think back on some films or even books to which you asked yourself, why is that killer they way he is? Why are those people crazy lunaticcs who are out to get people? You think about it long and hard and you come to a starling and horrific conclusion..there is no reason for the horror your seeing and there is no reason as to why the killer is the way they are other then...It just is...IT JUST IS!