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The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street Breakdown

Posted on July 4, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I am watching the Twilight Zone Marathon right now as i type. I watch it as I do every 4th of July. I am a big fan and have enjoyed the series for as long as I can remember. I have my favorite episodes and I have my least favorite, one of my least favorite's is the episode "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street". This is one of the most iconic episodes because the moral of the story and the plot is so simple that it's ironic and funny when you really think about it. For those unaware of what it's about, A street called Maple has many a people outside doing stuff along with a few inside. A light goes off in the sky and they believe it to be meteors. Then their lights go out, their cars stop working and a boy tells them that he's read stories of martians and that this is how it starts in the stories. They write him off and soon more odd things happen. One man goes out to the other street to see if they are having the same issues and soon they start blaming themselves. One after another they all accuse one another of being a martian or not who they say they are. The man who left comes back only to be shot and mistaken for an alien. Soon they start bashing and ridaculing one another and when they can't find a reasonable solution as to what's happening they blame the one thing they can all agree on, they blame themselves. This episode drives me nuts and I can't stand it yet I still watch it..why? That is but a question I still ask myself to this day. Aside from that let me explain why it bothers me and why it's a good question of thought if we as human beings would do such a thing ourselves even today.


The reason it bothers me is because they all fail to use two things..Common Sense and Rationalization. From the very beginning they see a light in the sky and assume it to be meteors. Then when weird things start happening they all blame each other rather then connect the dots and think that maybe the weird things are related to the strange light they saw a little while ago. Of course this would defy the whole episode but even so, you gotta think that they aren't all the same way are they? Well nope..clearly they all think the same way and they all blame each other and accuse one another of being an alien from outer space. Now if it were me? I would be rational and say hey guys maybe it's just a technical glitch and I'm going to check it out, the heck with what the kid says. Or I would say hey you know maybe it has to do with that light we saw a little while ago. I would be the most rational but maybe they would think that I was the alien because I'm thinking so straight and making sense that clearly I must be the alien because I know and think too much. Well if that is the case then screw you Maple Streeters! God, it's so annoying! Like why would you think it's one of your own, if you've all been outside bickering then how has anyone had a chance to do something weird and mysterious? Or better yet lets sit down and think rationally, rational is the key word here folks. They all are just comepletely out of their minds and given it was the sixties maybe people were a bit off back then but I thought it was from the drugs not the stupidity of not using common sense. Also, one of the guys stares up at the sky at night because he can't sleep, he has insomnia but not according to one lady, she says he's waiting for someone. No lady, He cant sleep! That makes perfect sense to me! No he must be an alien..dear god! The boy must be an alien because he knew what was going to happen...yeah because he reads! He saw something on a t.v and h'es the one who makes the most sense.


 There was another version of this episode and the outcome was the same, so it shows that no matter the times we still blame ourselves and clearly some of us are stupid and cannot think of a reasonable idea as to why strange things are happening. The end of the episode shows that it was in fact aliens who are ontop of a hill playing around with technology using a device of their own. One states to the other we blame ourselves and that their are Maple Street's all over. Yes this may be true but I would like to think that those of use who aren't Maple Street are those who use our brains and don't jump to hasty conclusions. I know it's just an episode on a show but my god it's one that is so real and yet so stupid that I cringe every time it's on. If only they opened their eyes, thought logically and maybe just maybe went back to their own homes and went back to their own thing then maybe they wouldn't be so skiddish and freaked out over one another. I would think that if aliens were manipulating our technology and trying to get us to destroy each other that if there were a group of us that one of those people in the group maybe even two would be...RATIONAL! Hey, maybe it is aliens, let's look into no your the alien because your thinking to forward..uhh no I'm making the most sense. Moral of this post? Rod Serling was a genius of his day, we may in fact be stupid and aliens take us for granted and last but not least I thought way too much about this episode.