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How to Promote with Social Media

Posted on June 13, 2014 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Social media. We all do it in one way or the other whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Tumblr and so on. As writers and authors we use it as a way to promote our works. Some of us do it through our personal pages while others create a book page i.e Facebook Fanpage. Now the first question to arrive at is, can you really sell through social media? I would say most definitely yes. Whether or not you will get a dramatic increase in sales well..thats another issue in itself. I suppose if you promote on your pages everyday and develop a system then chances are your're going to see a big increase in sales over someone who just posts and promotes a few times here and there. I would say Facebook and Twitter are the two big social media sites where people can go to establish a serious fan base and get some sales going. Facebook allows you to create a Fanpage and then allows users to like and follow that page. Now you can get all the followers you want but unless you interact and engage with them on your page chances are your not going to see any increases in possibly sales.

Twitter is another innovative way to attract potential buyers for your book. You can post simple tweets either about your work or just make general posts and if it's good enough or relatable then people may just check out your work. I am no expert on this matter whatsoever in fact I am looking to make a big push in sales from social media myself but I write this because I want people to know the basics which I have to see on a daily basis and it should not come off as a surprise to anyone else. Social Media is just like any other type of promotion, you have to work at it everyday, you have to apply yourself and make some kind production to it. The ideal thing to do is to join groups on Facebook and Twitter that are topics relatable to your book and promote your work and engage with others. It should go without saying but it's a simple tool to mention and small promotions could mean for a big increase in sales. Now just because you post your work and just because you have a page it doesn't mean your not going to loose followers along the way, it's a part of the game and don't be discouraged. There are plenty of other new potential people you can gain, so there no need to get upset if not everyone likes your work or pages and unfollows you.

Remember that if your going to use social media to be appropriate and considerate in what you post as well. Don't be excessive and only post the same thing over and over because then people will loose interest, possibly find you annoying and tune you out. Switch it up, be engaging, be different and unique. Make your posts relatable and fun, perhaps even ask questions, anything to pull the reader in. Twitter only allows 150 characters so there is actually a lot of ways one can really use this to their advantage. On other sites such as Instagram and LinkedIn your going to have to look elsewhere as I have no experience or knowledge of how these sites. Tumblr is another good site to use. Like Instagram(I do know Instagram involves pictures) you can post pictures. So what you can do with this is post pictures or upload videos that are related to or have to do with your work. Then also use tags to bring people in.

Tagging Tagging Tagging! Everywhere you turn there seems to be some form of hastagging. Before it was just twitter that had this. tagging is a way to type a word related to what your posting that will draw in more people to look at what you've posted. Now it's on Facebook and Tumblr and porbably Instatram too. Let me tell you first hand, at first I had NO clue what this was and found it rather annoying but upon further inspection I realized it is actually a great tool to use. Now again don't go overboard and be a hastag abuser. When you've made a post about your work on FB or Twitter use a couple hashtags to draw in more people. You may get a retweet, like or best of all a potential new buyer for your work. It's all a very simple system and these are simple and easy ways to use social media effeiciently. Again I am no expert on the matter but simply sharing what I know to which has worked for me. the next time your on social media think about what you want to post, how you want to do it and who you want to draw in.