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Comics Books/Graphic Novels Are Books Too

Posted on March 19, 2014 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Comic books, a reading pass time for many, many years. Children and teens for the most part have always enjoy a good comic. Back in the day they were 10-40 cents a piece and youngsters could not wait to read the latest adventure of the favorite superhero. While millions of comics have been written over the years somewhere down the line the title was given a change. While they are still referred to as comic books they were given a new identity as “Graphic Novels” perhaps as a way to further connect them to literature and to be more considered as actual books. No one says comics are just for kids and teens as I myself have recently and I know of others who read them as well. Perhaps the term Graphic Novel was given to further the audience of comics as a way to show that they are for everyone and to expand them into the world of literature in more of a broadened more proper classification. Graphic Novels are also more of a violent and detailed type of comic. While the illustrations are a bit more extreme the storylines and simple nature also become more extreme and take on more life like tones. What ever the reason behind the new name it was given and for what ever reason it was done there is no denying that comic books and graphic novels though not as popular as they once were still have a prominent place in the literary universe.

The origins of comics go way back to around the early 30's. Comic strips were born and some were cartoons while others were of some of today’s most beloved superheros. During these times such as the 30's, 40's and 50's comic books were absolutely huge. If you need numbers, percentages and statistics then please by all means look them up but take my word for it, comics were in thing. Comics were a place for kids to escape and be and read about who they wanted to be and who they wanted to read. Today that is still the case however it’s not as widely based or as popular. Back during these times comics were most likely considered as more of illustrated magazines and were not considered to be books. Books and Comics had their own demographic and own view but while even though that is the case today, comics are also now because of graphic novels considered to be books than magazines. Most comics in the early days were short in page length ranging from 10 to 30 pages(I’m estimating). As time progressed the readers wanted more so they made comics longer. When Graphic Novels came into the picture the content and page numbers went up as well. To the point where it was really hard to not consider a graphic novel as an actual book. Comics have come a long way from their origins and while the ratings make have gone down or they may have gone in a different direction, they still have a loyal fan base of readers.

Comics and Graphic Novels have fanbases just like books do. They have many different genres and sub genres and like any book if not more because of children and because of their widespread heroes. Sure they may not be for everyone but like books they are works of literature that are meant to be enjoyed. They unlike most books can tell a story through the illustrations and the word bubbles are merely characters going with the flow and creating more of a book like atmosphere. It is because of this that a reader has two ways to take in the story, as an illustration and as actually reading it. Just like books, an author and illustrator need to make sure they get everything right and tell the right story. This means being precise in drawings and of course making sure the story has been thoroughly edited, again there really is no difference when it comes to that whole process. What’s to be taken from all this? Very simply that comic books and graphic novels are books too. They have all the credentials of what makes a book and while they do slightly differ they should be taken seriously and considered as such. Books can take a person to many different worlds and on many different adventures and comics and graphic novels are the same way. So the next time you see a comic and you think to yourself that they are just for kids, think again. Take a closer look by picking one up and reading one for yourself, you may be very surprised of where you will take it you.