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Liking a Facebook Page

Posted on June 23, 2013 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Facebook Fanpages or Author Pages. Most of us as authors all have one to either showcase our works or us as an author. So in order to get more people to like your page you post your link on websites where you exchange a like for a like. However what does it really mean to the author for someone to like their page? Aside from boosting numbers wouldn’t it mean more to an author if someone takes interest in the authors work or what they have to say? A like is just a like and you don’t know if the person liked your page with the intent to keep up with your news feeds or just to help their own cause or cause it’s the thing to do. Sure you may have 250 people liking your page but how many of those people keep up with what you post or have shown interest in your work? Chances are less than half. I’m not saying liking an author page is a bad thing I’m merely saying there should be more of a reason to do so other than because it’ll get you one more like on your own page.

I came across a website to help promote and market authors. They had the usual ways to do so and one of the was sharing Facebook Likes. The way it was suggested how to do so however was a bit unconventional. Basically the site says to enter your name and the link to your page to their site and then for the next step to like the other 50+ Facebook pages below and it will generate you likes. They suggest you like 20 to start and then keep coming back to like more. Here’s the issues I had. One, you shouldn’t just like a bunch of pages just to generate more liked for your own page which ties into what I said above. Second, there’s no guarantee that all these pages you liked will get you likes and have the same people follow you back. Finally, half the pages listed were not even fellow author or book pages but sites for weight loss and real estate to name a few. How is liking a facebook page of a site non-book related from a book related site going to help you as an author? Again it sounds as though it’s just a like for a like which is not what it should just be about.

We all do it I’m sure. Like a page to boost our own ratings not truly thinking that their should be more of a reason to do so. Maybe it’s just me but I want someone to like my page just because and not so my ratings are boosted but because they have a genuine interest in what my page is about. I admit I like pages for the reasons I mentioned but I have come to the realization that there should in fact be more to it. Also I like pages because they are fellow authors and because I have an interest in their work and what they have to say. Maybe it’s a matter of opinion or preference as to the reason why someone likes an authors page or wants someone to like theirs but personally I would like to know that it’s out of interest and intent rather then for own boost and gain and just because.