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How Should You Price Your Novel?

Posted on June 8, 2013 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Since the release of my books and becoming of an author I have always wondered about the pricing of ones book. Now if you can’t set the price of your own book then I guess that’s that but for those who do set their own prices, what should you set it at? What’s a good price that’s not only fair for the reader but for the author as well? The first thing to note is that companies tend to place or recommend prices based on the number of pages, the width or the content to which it contains. As an author however I don’t care of any of those things and personally wouldn’t and don’t base my price off of that. As an author you want to base your price as reasonable for someone to buy and at the same time reasonable for you to make money. As an author, when you write a book your goal is not to make money but at the same time you want to make money. Yes, you want the satisfaction and delight of pleasing a reader but at the same time you want to know that you get a lot of those readers and you wish to be rewarded for you hard work. I feel as though I am drifting off topic a bit so back onto the topic I go. What should determine the price of one’s book and what is a fair set price? If it’s a hardcover then we are in a totally different department given most hardcover’s are highly priced. So this is about paperback and e-books.

What is a good price for a paperback? I ‘d start throwing out numbers but I am not expert on the issue clearly, given I am writing this and asking but also I just don’t know where a good price is. I will however throw one price out here and that is.99 cents. Many and I mean many authors price their e-books at .99 cents. This I have seen generates lots of downloads and sales but what exactly is the author making when a book is .99 cents? Maybe that’s not what I should be looking at perhaps. Again though, what is a fair price? Under 10? To me under ten is within the ballpark but at the same time is like an athlete, we set the price and the readers like okay I see your offer but you can do better. You want to set a good price and you don’t want to give your book away(well of course you can if you want but that’s a whole other topic). Perhaps the price is all up to the author and however much they feel it is and should be worth. How much would they pay for the book would be a good place to start. Looking into what other books go for in a particular genre to which the author has written is another place to look. If a paperback is a certain price should the e-book then be half of that? Or .99 cents? From a personal standpoint I sometimes and only sometimes feel as though .99 cents to be like the booths Lucy set up in Peanuts for 5 cents. No matter what advice she was giving and no matter what it was she was selling it was always 5 sets. Well not everything can be 5 cents just like I believe not every book should be .99 cents.

 But Justin there’s nothing wrong with .99 cents. It’s saying my books not free but it’s also cheap and very enticing of a price for a reader to want to buy is what your probably wanting to tell me. And I say that’s a fair opinion and I agree with that. I feel as though .99 cents should be e-book only and only if the author feels they can do that because they have no problem with it. Back to the big question at hand though, what is a fair price to price an authors book? Double digits I agree in all fairness is a bit much and I do know sometimes when books are double priced it is out of their hands. An e-book to me should never be priced higher than a paperback, I don’t know it just seems to make sense. When an author has a price in mind they feel is reasonable then that is their right however it would and is probably best to look into what others are setting their prices to or even asking the readers what they would pay for a good book. Of course last but not least what price would the author buy a book at and maybe they set their price at that. Again opinion. If only it were as easy as spinning a wheel to determine the price of a book however if that were the case then it would be our books not us their were on showcase. With all that being said, is the price really right?