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Swearing in Books, when is it appropriate?

Posted on May 2, 2013 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

           There are some cases where swearing is totally fine in books which is when it's used to show regular conversation and to add anger and frustration. It's not essential but it's not just thrown in just because, it's in dialogue and for example when two guys are swearing it's cause thats the type of characters they are. When writing you want to just put swears acting as though they are just like every other word. However, if your sitting there intentionally throwing them in every other line when they have no value to be there then chances are your just trying to cause controversy. I just read an Elmore Leonard book that had two thug like hustler guys swearing all the time because that's the type of people they were, it gave them their character. It was a part of the book and it made sense to be there. I write poetry and in my time of writing it I've sworn twice but changed it after since I felt it was not necessary, especially in poetry!..which brings me to a reason why swearing is not okay.

There are cases where we come across reading only to notice a swear that isn't necessary, its not only not necessary but makes what we are reading to be tasteless and turns us off..right? I was once in a poetry group on Goodreads and this guy used to share his poems and they would be filled with swears. He did not put in swears because they were necessary, he did it for shock value, to be noticed, to be tasteless which what I found it to be. The most recent book I read again..the same thing. Put it for shock value or to be cool which isn't needed. In poetry you really should stay away from swearing at all costs but if again your writing and along the way find yourself stressing feeling then fine but by no means should you put it there just to be there.
So I believe there is a time and place for swearing in books however some people don't know this and they abuse the privilege

When you write and you swear in your work you want to do it so again that it fits and isn't seen as "wow there's no reason this should be here" Now not everybody will take a liking to a book filled with swear words. It's all about why and how it's done. Now there are many books that are banned because of swears and or topics and issues that the booko is about. I am betting however that most books are banned do to sexual, violent or controversial issues way more then they are banned for simple swear words. This doesn't mean it's okay to swear like a trooper in your book it merely means that you should understand and know placement, know the rules and don't try to spice up your writing just so you can have people shocked or gossiping.