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Book Piracy: Where Do You Lean?

Posted on January 23, 2013 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Book Piracy to me is one of those things that can be seen as a good thing and bad thing. Bad obviously in the sense that people are getting a hold of your book for nothing without paying for it but in a good sense someone is actually reading your book and maybe they write a review or like it so much that they go and buy a copy..maybe a bit of a stretch but hey stranger things have happened and it would be light to a bad situation turned good.

Another reason to perhaps embrace it is because a lot of authors do giveaways and yes there may be a huge difference in an author giving someone their book knowingly for free but at the same time its..hmm I'm not sure where I am going with this point but if you get what I'm tryna say then great!  

Piracy is bad yes but I think in some cases it can be good.

From a personal standpoint I would not blame readers one bit for pirating my book since my publishing company(the notorious PublishAmerica) is pretty much stealing money from people with my book at 16.95 a pop. It's actually why I recommend buying from Amazon to people so they save a little bit more money but they get a good book at a good reasonable price. Perhaps there's another reason people pirate because they are good at it and because if a book is priced highly they figure hey I'll just take it, no I don't condone this behavior I am merely thinking of other reasons behind why they might.

I mean I get why you intentionally put your books outs their cause you used to do it yourself and if you know they are going to download your work illegally why not embrace it right? I get that. My take on it is this, you mentioned Stephen King. I don’t think downloading a Stephen King book for free is stealing really I mean the mans made millions of his books like it really matters if someone downloads his book you know? lol. That’s like downloading the Illiad or a book that’s been around for hundreds of years it can't be considered stealing if its practically free for our taking!

I would say authors today like Indie authors which i am sure is the point you were trying to make. Yes most of us would be and will be upset if we are trying to make it in this business and trying to make profit only to find out people are getting a hold of our books without our knowing(If they did this to me but left a nice review I would question it but say hey I got something out of it!). I don't think I personally have to worry because people to my knowledge haven't been buying my book anyway so if they are downloading it for free ehh I won't be mad there's a strong chance of it happening right? What you don't know wont hurt you I suppose. For the most part I agree, why not make the illegal downloaders happy too? maybe if they like the work enough itll entise them to actually buy works of the author!