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7 Helpful Tips On Submitting to Publishers

Posted on January 4, 2013 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

1. Take Inventory of Work- If you've got a bunch of material your working on or even a bunch of concepts and ideas that are scattered about on your computer in files or on paper in folders take a moment to sit down, gather them all together and then organize and take inventory of them. Count them up and see how much solid material you have. Touch up any work if you can and if it’s good put it to the side and if it no longer seems good enough to you throw it out If you have a good amount of writings and ideas to work with then throwing out a few won’t be a problem. Also when taking inventory and organizing make a list of the titles, genre, length and subject/mood. This is so you have an exact idea of what types of work you have. There are a few types of programs such as Excel and other apps that can help you in organizing and taking inventory of your works.

2. Search Open-Submission Listings- After you have completed your work, you’ve gone over it enough times and it’s been thoroughly edited and revised to where you believe it’s good to go, now comes the time to look into publishers and companies that are open to submissions. Now obviously not all are going to be open and all that are open aren’t going to be good quality publishers so if you have time I suggest looking on a site like Preditors & Editors and see if a site your looking into is valid and well renowned, or do your own rundown of investigational research of a company to see if they are open and sound legit and if they do submit your work to them. Depending on what your genre is its good to look into companies open to submissions for the specific genre your work because not all companies are open to every genre. Also look into submitting to magazines and maybe even newspapers. It is worth noting as well that you may want to look into submitting your work to multiple places in case your work isn’t picked up by the first company you send it to, which is most likely not to happen. However just remember that if ou are accepted by a company to remove your submission from the rest of the ones you submitted to. Bottom line, search for quality well-credited open to submission companies.

3. Avoid Publications That Don’t Accept Multiple Submissions- This one I’m not too big on but I suppose If your looking to submit multiple pieces of work and you want to send them all at the same time then it would be best to look into places that are open to it. I wouldn’t however dismiss closing the idea to companies and publications just because they aren’t accepting of multiple works but I guess if your are in fact going to submit more then one that you avoid the ones that don’t.

4. Avoid Publishers That Charge Fees- This is a biggy! I have come across this and been told this by fellow authors and numerous people since becoming an author. You should NEVER go with a publisher that charges a fee, no author should ever have to pay to submit work, Yes there are some that charge low fees but you really want to avoid paying to submit at all costs. As an author you want your work to speak for itself, you want to know that the company wants your work because it’s good not due to the fact that they are going to take it because you paid them a boat load of dough. Paying a fee to get your work published makes it seem like just that, the company could really care less about what you have in your hand ready to submit but rather "Hey look they paid over two hundred dollars now lets get them published!". They tend to see the money and not care about what the work is, sometimes even if the work is bad they could care less as long as they get THEIR MONEY. Now from experience, I have found that sometimes even publishers that are free and don’t charge fees will later try to charge you for everything else. Yes it may be free to submit and get published but when it comes to buying copies for yourself and promoting and what not, then they start charging you big bucks to do so, which of course you also want to avoid at all costs. If it looks shady and seemd shady, it probably is and it would be in your best interest to work around and and get out of it when appropriate and if possible to do so.

5. Avoid Publishers That Don’t Take Online Submissions- This one doesn’t quite make sense to me but here it is. Given today’s society and the way we interact and use the online world and the way online and e-books have impacted the world of publishing why would anyone go with a company that doesn’t accept online submissions? Or better yet who in their right mind submits by hand and in person anymore? This isn’t the Stone Age so to sum this one up very quick, if they are not submitting online then they aren’t a real company.

6. Make A Week by Week Action Plan- At the beginning of the week, or maybe before you start your each day, think of and plan out what you plan on doing. Whether it be working on a new piece of work or idea, submitting a work, editing, promoting and marketing. Whatever it might be plan it out ahead of time so that way your not buried in a bunch of things you need to do with either no time to do them or not enough time to do them. It’s good to have a plan or general idea of what to do before getting started, so make sure you have a week by week action plan or at least some kind of plan all together. This is important because you want to have a clear cut idea before you just random decide to submit or throw something together before thinking it through.

7. Submit- After it’s all said and done. After you’ve spent countless upon countless hours at the computer typing or writing away and you’ve had enough energy drinks or cups of coffee to send you to the moon and back, take a deep breath, relax and look at where you are now and what you need to do. The work is done, its been edited multiple times, revised, fixed and changed and you’ve found a good amount of quality publishers, YES! now you can and are most encouraged to submit your work. Submit!, Submit!, Submit!