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5 Key Needs to Writing A Good Book

Posted on November 20, 2012 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (0)

So you want to know how to write a good book? Well of course you do that's why your here. As writers we all have the same simple question, what does it take to write a good quality book? While I am no expert by any means I do have a few ideas that I believe can make for writing a good quality book. Here are five key needs to writing a good book:





A plot is the core of any book. The main event of what a novel is about based on a sequence of events and ideas. The basis of a story that's being told is built off, on and around the foundation of the plot. What it can be about is up to the author and it can be about anything. While there can also be sub-plots mostly all books need at least one big solid quality plot to which everything else centers around. A plot can be seen as a foundation and everything else feeds into and branches off it. It is these qualities and ideas that bring a story together. The plot intention is everything and it's job is to be the story to speak volumes and to peak the readers interest.




2. Characters(Protagonist/Antagonist)-


Every book needs a main character to make it flow. A main character to which we see taking on some kind of adventure or obsticle or sometimes narratively telling their own story. Characters need good devlopment, detail and charisma that can be told so vividly that as we read we can picture what they look like in our minds. Most books have a protagonist(good guy) and an antagonist(bad guy) although the main character can be either of the two it is mostly always the hero. In order to have a quality book the characters must have solid well thought ideas and agendas that drive the book foward, make fit in with the plot and find themselves as part of the storyline.


Usually a protagonist and antagonist are polar opposites of one another, a perfect example of this are my characters, Emerson Shaw and Javier "Bones" Jones in "A Bloody Bloody Mess In The Wild Wild West" Emerson is the good guy, has morales, does what he thinks is right and cares and shows concern for others whereas Javier is the bad guy, ruthless, dirty and his only agenda is for himself and to better himself.


Nobody wants to read about a boring character so give them a unique personality and background story, make them jump off the page. If there isn't quality characters in a book it tends to be dry and doesn't give the book good validation or sense of realism. You want to feel as though you're in the characters shoes or you can feel for them throughout the book. The key to a good character is a strong pressence and an ability to grow throughout the book.




3. Sub Plot(At least one)-


Sub plots are small side events of the story that go in the book aside from the main plot to which the book is about. In order to write a quality book you need at least one solid sub plot. It goes outside of the main plot but doesn't take away from the main objective and doesn't branch too far apart from the overall plot. It merely gives the plot more solidity and gives the book a good sense of balance. Also, it gives the reader a blend of multiple things going on at once that if done well will really engage their interest and keep them locked in. An author can add as many plots as they may like however, too many may bore or confuse a reader and take away from the main plot so its always good to keep it to a minimum. A good book should consist of the main plot followed by one to two(maybe even three if your good at it) sub plots that carry just as much in them as the main plot.




4. Author Instinct-


Any author wants to write that next big book that flies off of shelves and becomes a best-seller but of course in order for this to happen they have to write it first. Here it's simple, stick to your guns, write what idea you have no matter how far-fetched or out of reach it may seem. It all comes down to one thing when writing, be yourself. Your putting your thoughts and ideas and your very essense of writing onto the pages and into a story. You have to believe that as a writer that your work is good enough, because let's be honest if you don't believe in your work how can you expect anyone else to? Stay true to yourself and stay within your own comfort zone and don't try writing like someone else or forcing yourself to write.


If you don't believe in what you have written then you could go in another direction. Just relax, breath and take breaks and when you've got a good idea for the book write it down, plan and brainstorm. No idea in writing is bad if it's well thought out and planned. Write what you have and if it seems weird or you feel it doesn't fit you can always go back and change it after. An authors very instinct is awareness not a need and a must when it comes to writing and creating a quality book. First believe in yourself and realize that your setting out to accomplish something you believe in and you hope others will too. Thinking things through and taking time to map out your writing is a need before going ahead in hopes to write that next best-seller.




5. Peace, Quiet and Attention-

Now some of you are probably thinking to yourselves what on earth do these three things have to do with writing a good book? Well If you think about it, it actually makes alot more sense than you might think. Peace in the sense of you want your mind in a good place even if your writing horror or about something bad, your mind is at a good place and where it needs to be. If your mind isn't clear or your not at peace then chances are your writing will show signs of it and not be at it's very best. I don't know about anyone else but unless it's completely quiet I can't think straight or write well which is why this is a factor as well. The more quiet or peaceful it is then more likely the mind will be calm and the thoughts will just race out of you like a track and field runner. Some people listen to music while writing which is a good practice. This ties into attention as well. When writing you want to be at peace and its nice to have a quiet setting so your full and undivided attention is solely on your writing of your book. Your ideas for what you want to say and what you want to write can only happen if your completely focused. So whether it's total quiet or some nice calm music make sure you have one of the two so you can find your comfort zone and create some great ideas and get started writing.




I'm not an expert by any means but I am merely giving a basic rundown of five common practices and basic key needs that are very important to the writing of a good quality book. You need a very solid thorough and thought out plot, a protagonist/antagonist or just overall intriguing and engaging characters the reader can relate to or fall in love with, supporting sub plots that help add a bit more flare, author instinct being determination and belief in yourself and drive to know you want to write for a reason and finally peace, quiet and attention. A comfort zone that gives you a clear mind while you begin writing your next masterpiece. I hope these keys are helpful to you or at least put you at ease and you will use them when getting started on your next novel and also please feel free to share this post if it's helped you and you feel others should know about it so please kindly pass it on.




Happy Writing!