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Facebook Events: How I Faired

Posted on December 12, 2014 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)

So I recently held an event on my Facebook Fanpage. Usually from what I've gathered and having been a part of others in the past, they are constantly flowing and are alot of fun and really connect you to readers and fellow authors. And then there's my Facebook Event...I woudn't say it was a dud but it wasn't half as lively as the ones I attended. For one, I sent out a friend request to all my friends which is about 47 out of like 68 that it would let me. Out of those 47 only 3 attended. Then I ended up having over 51 people attend because one of my three friends shared the link and even with her friends. This means that my invites over two weeks on FB, Goodreads, Twitter and any other place I sent them out were pointless, is this my fault or are people just not interested? Never the less the event did have a few participants and by a few I mean exactly 6..I know this isn't how an event is suppose to go so next time I'm planning it a month ahead of time and making sure people will have a reason to attend. I aimed for 4 giveaways and ended up doing 2, one was an attempt to give away an autographed copy but 3 people answered and two already won ebooks..not a very good turn out on my part. I don't wanna say this event was a total loss but in certain places overall it probably was. Next time I need to make sure I get the word out more and earlier then I did but even then I don't think my friends will really care and that's just the way it is. Also a plan of action and more activities to get people excited may help in the future but I am not going to talk about what if's. This event will be my last for a while and when I do do one I want to to go off with a bang.

What did we learn from this event and article? Sometimes an idea in your head can be amazing but then when it actually starts happening and doesn't quite have the same effect, you question whether or not it was a good idea in the first place.