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The Right Music for Book Trailers

Posted on February 7, 2015 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (1)

So you've just created your own book trailer. You got the pictures, captions, special transition effects and timing for them all right as you want them. Now you need some music to go with it, to give it that true movie trailer feel. Now I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone that's ever done a trailer when I say, "I want to use one of my favorite songs". Now of course we know that that may not be possible because of trademark and copyright infringement. Aside from that another reason you may not want to use a particular song is because it may turn people off though that's a small reason compared to the whole rights issue. Okay so where do you find music to use that won't get you in trouble? Well as far as I know there's two good places. The first is Youtube. After you upload your trailer to Youtube there's a feature that allows you to choose what song to use and they are all free to use though you should credit the singer in your trailer just in case. Another place is HP Free Connect Music. If you have Windows Movie Maker one feature it brings you to is this site which has tons of free songs to pick from. Which ever you decide to choose is up to you but now the issue is, finding the right music to fit to your trailer. Some are easier to figure out then others for example if your book is horror then obviously you want your trailer to have creepy music. If your book is erotica then chances are you want that sexy slow jam to match up with it. However first you must remember that the music you choose is for your trailer not for you. Yes you should pick out the one you like best but also decide if it's best for your overall message that is your trailer

For my first trailer which was for my Western Horror book, I wanted something that was not only creepy but has western style, of course this was not easy to find. I either found all country folk western tunes or just creepy and scary without a western element. So when I came across the tune I used, "Windy Western Revolvers" by The Old Scratch Ensemble. When I heard it I knew it was it, it not only fit what I was looking for but I myself liked the way it sounded. Now did I luck out? Ehh maybe not, I'd like to think that If I didn't find that song that I would have eventufally found another as even though my search for the right tune was limited there was something out there for me. As for my 1st trailer for The Macabre Masterpiece I needed something straight up scary. This would be simple however I heard a certain preference in mind. I wanted it to be creepy but the kind that you heard in movies where it's calm, quiet and before you knew it it jumped and scared the ever living crap out of you. I found just the tune. I don't know the name off hand and it's not listed on my trailer but oddly enough I heard it elsewhere on an episode of The Haunting, so it's not only used but may help people connect to my trailer when they hear the music. Finally for my last trailer for Like A Box of Chocolates I wanted a spacy and calm type of tune. I knew creepy was out of the question. The book and trailer is about various genres of poetry and since my cover was of a space scene I wanted to give it a techy, spacy atomsphere type of sound. It took me longer then it did with the other two but I found just the music perfect for my vision for the trailer. The thing to take from my exmaples of my own experiences is music for your trailer makes all the difference. You want the music to hit the viewer and you want it to not only sounds good but fit the books pictures as well.

Where you choose your music may or may not matter but the only thing you want to realize is that music is quite an effective marketing tool. Movie trailers, commericals and tv shows use certain songs because they know the songs a hit and it sounds good but most of all they know it will go over well with the general public. Whether it's a classic Coca-Cola commerical or Back in Black by AC/DC chances are when you hear the song you're brought back to a place where you heard the song and it reminded you of something. Perhaps it put you in a good mood, this is why they use it and this is also why using the right music is key for your book trailer. Chances are you've probably not heard the song that I or someone else uses for theirs but if it's a upbeat song with a good tune it can really win the person over and really bring them in to check out your work. Music can be used so simply and it's just like the saying goes, A little goes a long way and in this case yes, music can go a long way if you use it correctly. Many people rely on music and I could get into a whole other topic on the influences and impact that it makes but chances are you already know that and well, another time. If you really want an idea on how music can make an impact and how it can truly make a marketing tool then check out this article from Entrepreneur magazine So now that you're done reading what and why music makes all the difference for a book trailer remember it the next time you decide to create one and are looking for that perfect tune.

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