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The Bird Cage Theatre

Posted on February 23, 2015 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Everyone familiar with the place? Located in Tombstone, AZ, It opened in December of 1881 and was one of the most wild and hot spots during the Wild West. It's said that 26 people were killed inside during the 1880's. It's also said that there's over 120 bullet holes still imbedded within the walls throughout the building. Men used to gamble inside and ladies used to work within as saloon girls and entertain their clients. A fire in 1882 devastated the town however this place as well as Big Nose Kate's Saloon are the only two remaining buildings standing to having survived the fire.These are the only two places still standing today that really tell of Wild West history and even before stepping inside I would imagine one could just feel the essence and take in the Western nostalgia.


Today the Bird Cage Theatre is a museum and tourist attraction for ghost tours. From an interest standpoint I'd love to visit the museum and enjoy the western history, as an author whose written a Western Horror I'd love to go on a ghost tour to get more inspired. This partly because many vistiors and employees have claimed to have witnessed seeing spirits of former prostitutes and men in cowboy hats. Sounds are heard during the night as if parties are going on. Also many claim to hear people walking on the floor boards even though there's only one person within the place. Two ghost hunting teams have invesitgated the place and both experience some serious activity. Apparenty not only were there wild parties and commotion back in the day but there some still carry on and continue to party late into the night years later. While I don't think there's any zombies there I definitely think there's ghosts and paranormal objects of cowboys and outlaws still roaming within and along the grounds of the place.


I love things like this and this is definitely on my list of places to visit. The town alone is wild west history and so is the outside of the building itself of the Bird Cage Threatre. One step inside must bring a person back in time on a very enjoyable and at times creepy ride. There are many artifacts and objects within the place that are worth looking at and it will really make you appreciate the Wild West. Anytime I see something on television on this place I immediately stop what I'm doing and watch it. I just think it's one of the most fascinating and under appreciated historical places in the united states that more people should know about. Perhaps it's become a bit of an amusement to some but I would still love to go sometime and check the place out as a museum or go on a ghost tour. To take it all in and hear the stories and experiences of what took place there and what still takes place there would be quite exciting to hear.


You can learn out more on the Bird Cage Theatre on their website @