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Exclusive to Amazon or Others?

Posted on July 4, 2017 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

It’s the question you ask yourself and have to make a decision on after you’ve finished your latest work. Where do I want to publish my novel? If you’re an indie author your have a few choices but then it comes down your e-book. Amazon seems like the no-brainer and logical choice but does it have to be? Sure it’s the practical choice but nothing says an author has to be exclusive to just Amazon. As you may already know when your choose Amazon for your e-book rights through KDP Select you can only have your book there any nowhere else. Why is this? Besides the obvious reason that Amazon wants you all to themselves, Amazon wants to be the only place you get your sales and it’s only fitting seeing as their quite popular. By going with Amazon the decision becomes a simple one as there’s no fighting over where to go or what to pick. Your giving Amazon your rights and your not even thinking about other places to distribute your book. Amazon should be your #1 source of getting sales but does it truly have to be? What about the other places in which you can place the rights of your book? The “other” places aren’t so bad in fact they should be given some considerable thought before you decide to just hand over your e-book rights to Amazon.

One reason you may want to consider other places for the rights to your e-book is your book will be in many places not just Amazon and placs that Amazon does not give you. Sure with Amazon your also given the ole Barnes & Noble deal as well but only after a certain amount of time and even then, we all want our paperbacks in B&N stores not just online on their sites. By choosing other sites to market your e-book your letting your book go to places you can’t get anywhere else. Places like Kobo, Google Play, Apple, etc. You can get your books on many sites by going with places such as Draft2Digital or Smashwords. By choosing these places they distribute your book to all the other sites plus many more above.

With so many places to have your book the big question is why would anyone choose just Amazon? Well let me answer this in two ways. Would you fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? I know it’s such a cliche but look at it like this: Amazon is the giant sized duck and the other places are the 100 duck sized horses. Some may see that Amazon(the horse sized duck) as the obvious choice whereas other may see other sites(the 100 duck sized horses) as the clear choice, it really depends on the person. The other analogy I’ll use is quality over a sense. Let’s say Amazon is the Quality, their well known, it’s a quick and easy process and you know your book is in good hands. On the other end however you have quantity, your book gets distributed to several different sites spreading the wealth that is your book to more sites and can be seen by a lot more people. So which should you choose? Again that is your decision and it depends on the person.

I won’t make the decision for you as its only one you can make for yourself but I’ll give you my personal idea and perhaps you’ll consider it. If you have more than one book or book series perhaps you should test both waters. Have one of your books series exclusive to Amazon and then make another sole book of yours through other channels. Test them out and see how they do and if one is doing better than the other then maybe it’ll make you decide to bring all your books to one channel. It seems like an easy thing to do but then again not everyone is about variety and everyone has different opinions and ideas. I have five books and four of them are exclusive to Amazon and only one is not. The book that’s not exclusive to Amazon I haven’t seen a single sale from any other channel however in my own defense I haven’t really pushed the envelope and tried to market to those channels either. Perhaps the time is now. So is Amazon the place to be? Should you be on several other channels? Decide for yourself but remember no matter what road you go down and what option you choose, it’s not wrong but right for you.

Making the Most of Amazon Author Profiles

Posted on May 23, 2016 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

One thing I've read in several places is how an author should make the most of their Amazon profile. The first thing is I don't think people really value their profile page on Amazon and don't realize what they can do with it. Why should you put effort into your profile? Well for starters when you send people to buy your books they may click on your name for more info about you or to check out more of your books.


Here are some things you can do for your Amazon profile to make it more valuable:


-Make a simple but informative Author bio

(The idea is you want to make it stand out so try writing a fresh bio rather than using the same old one you use everywhere else)


-Upload a professional or solid picture of yourself

(You don't have to be wearing a two piece suit but it should be an appropriate picture)


-Sync your blog to your page

(If you have a blog you can connect it to your Amazon page so people will see your articles and anything else you may post)


-Include links in your Bio

(Be sure to include links to your website or any social media sites you use and put them in your bio)


-Add your recent book's trailer

(If you have a book trailer for your novels you can upload one of them to your profile. I suggest uploading your most recent book)


-Include all your books

(Of course the books you've written will be listed but if you have written with someone or are part of any anthologies make sure your name is listed so that the book will show up in your books)


-Go over "Customers Also Bought Items By"

(Below your profile you should see a list of other authors under "Customers Also Bought Items By" this is telling the readers of your books that if they liked your works that maybe they'd also like these authors who are similar.

What can you do with this? Well you can't get rid of it or change it but you can make it work for you. Look up these authors and see what they are doing. Since they are similar to you perhaps you can reach out to them or find out what makes them successful and make what they do work for you)


Making Your Amazon Descriptions Stand Out

Posted on May 9, 2016 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

One thing I recently found out about Amazon is the descriptions for books. Too many people just use the same ole synopsis and plop it on there to use as their description. Did you know there's a way to enhance your description and make it stand out so that it's more catchy and appealing to potential readers? A description should consist of four key parts:


1. First you want to think of a short and enticing creative headline as this will be the first sentence a potential customer will see. Make it gripping it may take a few tries so play around with a few headlines and pick the one you think is best. Instead of a sentence consider using two or three powerful keywords that explain the book and catch a reader’s eye.


Next choose a second headline, this will go below the first, again make it creative and catchy but don't be cliche. A strong sentence that backs up the keywords but also drives forward and delivers to bring the reader in even more.


2. A synopsis. I know above I said not to use one but I meant don’t use the same one that’s on the back of your book and on your paperback page. You want to write a new synopsis that really taps into the readers emotions or in the case of a non-fiction book helps solve a problem. You don't want to ramble on so paraphrase and condense your new synopsis into a couple sentences.


3. A selling paragraph, just a few sentences that use strong action words and adjectives.


4. A strong call-to action (CTA), write something that brings the reader home full circle and gets them fully invested in getting a copy of your book.


You should spend most of your time on the first and last line of your description.


One final thing that will be more appealing is using html code to bold, italicize, or make lists for your descriptions so that certain words and points stand out over others. A little goes a long way so you don’t want to over do it.

 *Note that this only works on Amazon Kindle so you'll need to go into your Kindle description page to do this.

These are just the basics on how to create great descriptions and to make the first two headlines stand out. For a complete rundown on how to make your Amazon Description stand out and how to properly format it check out the following links:


How To Make Your Amazon Description Stand Out-


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