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SEO/Searching For A Book

Posted on June 5, 2015 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

How Do You Search For A Book?

As readers we tend to receive the books we read in several different ways. Some of us buy the books, receive them for free, get them as gifts, win contests and giveaways or are a part of a site such as NetGalley to which we receive books from a list to read and review. For those of you who look for books to purchase how exactly do you do so?

Do you search for a specific author(s) or certain books? Or do you search for books in certain genres or perhaps even certain topics? Most people when deciding to read a book decide on which to read based on searching authors they are familiar with or are into a specific genre. For instance those who like Stephen King are more likely to look for other works of his they haven’t read and then look at other Horror authors that write in a similar style.


What is the likelihood that people go to a site like Amazon and look up specific authors they aren’t familiar with? Not very likely though if you love to read and like taking chances then chances are you do this but for the most part probably not. More than likely you tend to read books from authors you are used to reading and if you come across or are introduced to a similar author then you may start reading their works as well. So basically you choose the books you read in a slow conservative way rather than just flat out search for them based on having no knowledge of the author beforehand. Again, I have no way of knowing what every person does but I am merely stating that chances are more people then none pick books by conventional ways rather then taking a shot in the dark.


Choosing a book based on specific topics is interesting. In this sense plots differ from topics. I mean topic as a whole as in the plot from an overall perspective and meaning. How many people look up certain books about certain topics? I’m guessing this is probably a lot more than you think. People know what they like and they know what interests them so naturally they are going to look up topics of specific themes whether it be for non-fiction or fiction. If they want to learn something such as how to bake then they are going to look up topics in non-fiction and they are going to look up topics on baking. From a fictional standpoint if a reader wants to read a book about mysteries then they are going to look up topics on mystery and crime.


So what does it come down to? Preference. Whether you search for books to read based on authors, genres, books or topics chances are you have an idea of the type of book you want to read. If you’re an author and people really take to your books and enjoy them then chances are they are looking you and the titles of your books up. If an author writes in a particular genre but nobody knows who they are then there could be a chance like I stated earlier that a reader happens to come across their book because their work is similar to a well known authors. It is a wonder however as to what the percentage is of each way a reader chooses to read a book. Also if these particular ways of searching lead readers to buy the book or get it free but again I suppose that really depends on the way a person chooses to search a book.