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Friends Interested In Your Books?

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

So you just finished writing your latest novel and have had it edited. Your next step is to promote it and get some early reviews. As you think of places where you can find people who will be interested you find that some of your friends are interested in your book. The idea is that if your friends are genuinely into your work and want to read it and not just being kind because they know you and want to support you. As nice as that may be the general idea is you should give your friends copies to read if they are in fact interested however you should not expect a review because after all they are not your target audience and they are not reviewers(although maybe some of them are). If you do give your friends copies of your books tell them to be honest and not to hold anything back. If you do end up having a lot of your friends read your book and they review it and give you all 5 stars and gloat chances are people will become suspicious. Remember that having your friends read your book is to give them copies because they want to read it and so that you can get perspective on what people think. This gives you a small audience to play with and to see what people think before you publish and see what the public think.

Now sometimes you will have friends that won't care because well it's just simply not their thing. They either don't read or just don't care. don't hate your friend and don't berate them to read your book because you know them. I have lots of friends on my Facebook page that could care less that I write and some don't even realize that I write even though it's stated in my profile. I'm not hating on my friends I'm merely making the point known that just because they are your friends doesn't mean they necessarily care about what it is you do, they should but they don't have to. Naturally you want to surround yourself with supportive people so to those of us who have friends that are interested in our work, appeal to them, give them excerpts, let them in on some ideas, give them a copy. Not only will they enjoy it but they can help you sell the book as well. Instead of leaving a review they can spread the word and say "Hey I know the author who wrote this and I was fortunate enough to get a first copy and you need to check this out..etc,etc." This being of course that your friends want to help you because you definitely don't want to force it upon them cause then you wouldn't be a good friend. The idea is if your friends are into your work then appeal to them and if they aren't then that's okay too.

Look at it like this, your friends can make the perfect critiquers as well. Like I said earlier if your god friends with them they will be honest with you and tell you if it's good or not. Also if they are critical you can take it more hearing it from them then say a stranger. If anything this helps you for critique later on. It also allows you to fix stuff up or make changes to it if they feel it doesn't work and you agree. Your friends can serve as your help and your first audience. The idea is you want to make your book as great as it can be and aside from yourself the people you trust the most should be your friends and if you trust their opinions then what better way to have your book gone over then by your friends? At best your friends will tell their friends and they will tell their friends and get the idea. You don't have to make the most of trying to make your book appeal to your friends in fact you can just make small talk of it, the overall focus is that you want to be in support of one another.