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Getting Your Books in Libraries

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Upon seeing someone else's thread it got me thinking to the ole library discussion. I remember a few years back when I published my first novel one of the first places I went to try and promote it was my library. To my surprise they told me they cannot because the library is a non-profit establishment and they cannot do anything for my book as long as it is out making money. Oddly enough they never asked to purchase a copy and I didn't think of donating at the time which brings me to my questions..


-As a self-published author should you try to get your books in your local libraries?


-If so, how should you go about doing so?

-Should you approach the administrator and ask if they'd like to buy a few copies?

-Do you donate a few copies?

-Or (if you use Createspace) do you try your luck and let expand distribution try to do it's work for you?


Personally, my library just recently changed administrators and I am hoping they are a bit more for local authors because I'd like to become more a part of my library and local community as an author.

To further elaborate on this matter let's ask the main question once again: Should authors consider having their books in library? I say yes. Sure you don't get money for having them in there but perhaps at the very least you place one or a few of your works(assuming you've written a lot of books) and you get your local community interested and if they like your work they can go out and buy others. Or just place all your books in libraries and have people check them out, you'll have plenty of readers and perhaps it will even lead to reviews. After all sometimes it's not about the money it's about allowing people to read your books and for them to enjoy. Having your books in libraries may lead to the people who work there to asking you to come by to do a reading or event. Perhaps it may lead to other libraries asking to have copies of your books. The idea at first seems like a bit unebeneficial to an author but if you really think about it, having your book in a library can be a good thing depending on how you go about it. 

A library is the one place in town aside from a bookstore that is almost a no-brainer for an author to go to try and promote their books but if your like me your library doesn't allow such a thing because they are non-profit. This shouldn't stop you however as I'm sure there is still a way to get your book noticed while in the library. You can do any of the things I suggested above and keep trying and try to find a way for the library to have your book because after all there's no place better than a library. Attend events, get to know the people who work there or check out books that are similar to yours and then when you go to return them maybe mention how you yourself have written a similar book to the librarian, perhaps it will strike up a conversation. Now I should probably take my own advice here since I'm giving out a lot of good stuff here but for the most part I think as an author you should try to become involved with your library in some way. it's one thing to become involved as a volunteer and even not being an author. As an author you should feel more inclined to want to become a part of the place in some way to if not help yourself as an author but enlighten and give the readers more books to read. Getting your books in libraries, try it and see how it goes, it may help it may not but you'll never know until you at least try.