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Are Press Release's Out of Style?

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

One of the most important ways in which people tell you how to promote your works is by getting anaudience by the ole press release. This is one of the most common practices but does it still work efficiently? Whenever you look to get advice on how to build an audience or get your book noticed naturally your told to build a press release and that itshould be created and then sent out to publishers, magazines and newspapers. Aren't press relases a bit old fashioned? After all press releases were more prominent and necessary when it wasn't all about online, internet and kindle. So are press releases still useful and if so how does one go about it without making it seem outdated? Well let's go over some basic facts and do's and don'ts about press releases.

Press Releases. When I published my first book, The Macabre Masterpiece I kept seeing people talk about press releases. Make your press release and send it out to publishers, magazines and newspapers. I looked into what exactly a press release was and the first thing I did after that was create one for myself. What I did with it next? Nothing. I didn't know where to send it, I felt like it wasn't necessary I felt like where I wanted to send it people wouldn't care. Perhaps press releases still work in some way but I personally think they are out of style. Back a few years ago they were one of the top things to do when it came to promoting your book and letting people know about it. In a sense perhaps in the small market it serves to a press rlease can be used to announce your book(after all that's its purpose) but from what I hear people act like it's more then an announcement but a way of promotion and I just don't think that's it. If there was more to one then just announcement I don't believe it serves to that purpose anymore. A press release should be created in case you wish to send your book out to magazines or newspapers or make a major splash to a comapny, it's more of a professional approach to the book world. A press release in it's own right is used in other things to make announcements about them and in the book world this is no different I just think that people need to realize that, that should be it's only purpose and they should not branch or build or expect anymore of it then what is expected.