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Why Competition Is Good

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I know what your thinking, competition is good? Yes but it's not like greed is good and I'm not Gordon Gekko. In the book world naturally we need to keep an eye out for who writes in the same genres as us. We see if their books are selling more than us and if they are the first thing we ask ourselves is how? why? Instead of envying and being jealous of our competition's sales it's best to look into their work and them and get a better idea and understanding of why exactly is it that their book is taking off and getting sales and reviews and ours is not. This isn't competition in the sense of two sports teams who are rivals and they all end up hating each other, no not at all. You want to remain friendly with your competition and see why it is that they have come to have such exclaimed works so the next time you see a similar book you wrote and it's taking off like wildfire, don't be upset or mad, investigate and learn. There are several things you can do when looking into your competition to gain a competitive advantage for next time..

First off, befriend them where you can. Like their pages on social media,  visit their website and subscribe t their site and see what it is they are saying in their e-mails. Are they sending content on their books within the same genre as you that you could be doing as well? See whose following them and perhaps reach out to those who liked their book. A great way to get reviews is to go to your competitions page on Amazon and reahc out to those who wrote a review and left their emails. This means they review books and if they really enjoyed the other persons book and yours is similar chances are they will like your book as well. So again, be friend the competition add them on social media and look into whose reading their books, their readers can be your readers if you simply look and reach out to them, you have nothing to loose. Another thing you want to do is aside from their own site, see if they are doing something that your not. A way that is not only getting them sales but followers, you can either straight up ask them(but kind about it) or try to find out for yourself and create your own little method. The idea is to embrace your competition and take ideas from one another not to challenge them and outsell them. 

Another thing to do is to realize competition is healthy and natural. In this case a little goes a long way and there's nothing wrong with looking into yours. If you have been doing things that have worked for you and you see that your competition hasn't perhaps share it with them and trade ideas. Sure they don't need anymore help but you do and maybe sharing what you do know will help you get a tip from them that can push you in the right direction. Look at their book, go over the cover and read the synopsis, get a feel for it. Does your book seem similar and if so try to think how you can appeal to potential readers with what similarities you have. Also read their book and get an idea of why people are enjoying it so much. Perhaps reach out to the author afterwards and explain your thoughts on the book and share that you have written a similar book and trade tips and have a friendly conversation. Get to know them, there's nothing wrong with getting to know the competition and nothing even says you hve to be rivals in fact you shouldn't be, you should be trading stories and making the most of it all. After all your both authors and in the same line of work and it shouldn't matter that they are doing better than you because nothing says you can't be having the same success.