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Hashtag Your Own Page

Posted on September 30, 2015 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

We all know about hashtags and trending topics on Twitter. Basically when people want to popularize something they simply hashtag it but let me ask you this.


Have you ever thought of using the hashtag to your advantage?


While working on my latest novel Opium Warfare I found that when I was promoting my book there I was just simply telling people about it in different ways. Then I decided to hashtag the title and by doing that all I had to do is direct people who were interested in the books progress by telling them to look up #OpiumWarfare

By doing this they can view all the posts I've made on the book and can get some valuable info and see the posts on it. It makes a much easier way for people to see your posts on the same topic without them having to ask or you posting the same content over and over, by hashtaging your title in your post you can just re-direct someone.


I'll break it down so you can try it on your own:


-Hashtag your title, if it's a popular title or common phrase consider something unique. This will serve as your own personal page.


-Anytime you make a post be sure to hashtag the title into the post whether it be in the post itself or at the end.

Either way doesn't matter although sometimes you may go over your 140 characters.


Example- Hey Everyone, just released #OpiumWarfare for all you Crime Thriller fans be sure to check it out.


Example 2- "Hey Everyone, just released my 4th novel which is a Crime Thriller, if your a fan the genre check it out. #OpiumWarfare


-If you still have space throw in another popular hashtag to build interest up, there's plenty of hashtags for authors, books, genres and book promos.


-Place the hashtag in your profile so people see it. If they are curious they will click on it.


-Start tweeting out about your book or website, etc with information you think people would be interested in hearing.


-Last, check out your own hashtag and admire your page!