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Reasons Why Promoting on Facebook Sucks

Posted on October 12, 2015 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I recently came across a post from Entrepreneur about 10 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page. However as good as this list is, it proves why it should be followed because if not you fall into a wormhole that is No Promo Island. What am I saying exactly? In very simply terms, Facebook sucks when it comes to posting and promoting on your business/author page. This may not be true for everyone because I’ll be totally honest I don’t post half as much as I should and I’ve seen people who post all the time and have quite a following. However whether they post more than me is irrelevant especially because of the 3 big reasons as to why Facebook sucks when it comes to promoting.


1. The Dreadful Facbook Algorithms

I’ve written a whole article on this to which you can read here. I’ll touch on it briefly but you can get the gist in the article. How many times have you posted something only to notice it only reached 4 people? 5 people? Ever notice you reblog something and it reaches 90? This is because Facebook keeps taps on what you post and only allows you to reach so many when it comes to certain posts. Facebook wants in on your great post so this is why they’ll ask you if you want to pay to make an ad for it to reach more followers, they aren't dumb but they are certainly tricky and sneaky. Basically as the Entrepreneur article suggests, get into a rhythm of posting on certain days and keep track of what you post and when and check out your stats see how they are. Who knows, if you find they are good on certain days and what not you may have found a way around the algorithm wall.

Another thing I've noticed is that what you post on your page is based on what it is. For instance, if you post a text status or a text status with a link, it does not generate many views at all. If you post an image you get an average of around 15-25 views possibly more for whatever reason. You get the most views to something when you reblog it from someone else's page. I've noticed that by posting 4 things other people posted that they generated over 100 views each. Why this is, I'm not exactly sure but I would guess their followers also tie in and Facebook goes by that. It's pretty much saying that other peoples content on your page that you reblog gets more views than the content you yourself post. I would suggest to try posting your own status after you reblog others pages but this proves to be uneventful as it seems Facebook skips over your post and only shows the posts from others that you reblogged.Overall, it would appear that what you post and the views you get are divided and viewed into three different ways. Text posts, Image posts and Reblogged posts

2. We get distracted very easily.

I read in another article that one of the reasons Facebook sucks when it comes to promoting ones self is because we become easily distracted with other peoples posts. This goes for both personal and business pages. You find yourself going on to get the word about your latest promotion that your book is free than you see a friend’s post or you see a cat video and before you know it 20 mins have gone by and you’ve done nothing. I’ve done this and I’m sure you have too, we have short attention spans at times and thats normal but when it comes time to buckle down and promote and make an important post, you have to clear your mind away from all distractions no matter how fun and cute they may be.


3. Facebook is Social Media for a Reason

Why do you have a Facebook page? Why do you go on? You make a page to interact with people, meet new people or engage with friends. To see what they are doing and share. Business wise, while you may posting to make yourself known remember this..people don’t use Facebook to buy books or to look into businesses. They are on to interact and to be “social”, in other’s not all about business for them. Sure you reach those people who do go on but overall Facebook is not the place to go to get readers. If you want readers than look into trying to interact and find a common interest with them before trying to lock them. If everyone went on Facebook for businesses it would be a lot easier but it’s just not realistic, it’s a social media site for a reason.


Now that you have 3 reasons listed ask yourself if they are what’s holding you back. I know not everyone has issues with it but to those wondering about the mystery as to why they can’t “get it” when it comes to Facebook perhaps these are reasons why. So read the Entrepreneur article above, go over it several times step by step and make it a go to page if you are interested in becoming more established on your Facebook Page. If you break that wall, let me know and let them know too. The best thing to do is to try and don’t beat yourself up over it, if it seems slow take a break and tackle it another day, but the steps are there and there’s no reason for us to not at least make it on Facebook in some capicity even if it’s small.