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The Top 10 Real Chinese Crimes

Posted on November 2, 2015 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

In Opium Warfare there are several crimes committed that speak volumes and give an all too real scenario on actual crimes that take place today and took place back then. While I don't wish to give any spoilers about my novel what I will do is look into and list the top ten crimes that have taken place in China since 1949. Upon doing a search the only list I found was that of a list of crimes that took place from 1949 and above. I think it's important to at least look into anc acknowledge these crimes as it gives some perspective and shines some light on the crimes in my novel and how they fair compared to real crimes in Chinese history. What I will do is list the crime and tell a bit about it. At the end I will compare them all as a whole to criminal activity within Opium Warfare.

10. Man Kills 48

In 1985 a man killed 48 people and buried their bodies in pits in his courtyard. It was also found that he robbed them as well. The creepy part is he was never found to be mental ill and was executed in the same year.

9. Wanted

In 1976 Two brothers also former soldiers became the first two people in Chinese history to have a reward out for their arrest. They killed four people and others during their escape from prison and robbed a hospital. They were both caught and killed in 1983.

8. Cold-Blooded Psycho

A man killed 15 soldiers and policemen and injured 15 more between 1996 and 1997. He did this after being released from prison after 14 years for robbery, stealing and assault. He wanted revenge so he set out and killed people including his accomplice whom he shot, bashed his head in and burned the corpse. He was caught and executed in 1998.

7.China's Public Enemy #1 

Between 1991 and 2000 a man, his mistress and gang robbed places and stole millions of dollars while killing 28 people in the process. All the weapons they used and acquired they did illegally. The man was executed in 2001.

6. The Monster

A man committed 26 crimes involving robberies, rape and homicide,killed a total of 67 people, injured 10 and raped 23 during this period. The crazed man confessed to using a hammer, scissors, ropes and bricks to attack his victims, He was setenced and executed in 2004.

5. Not a First Timer

A man killed 8 and injured 11 in 2003. However, not his first offense as he killed 10 in 1990 including his ex-girlfriend's husband. He was eventually caught for his crimes in 2006.

4. Big Money Man

A leader of a gang and considered gangland-like criminal syndicate, committed quite a number of crimes including robbery, kidnapping, weapon smuggling and the illegal trading of explosives. He and his gang stole over 2,500 ROlex watches and escaped with over 30mil and in the end  25mil, the highest amount ever stolen in Hong Kong. He held an important businessmen up for over a billion in ransom, he dissappeared upon recieving over 600 million in ransom money. He was eventually caught and executed in 1998.

3. Should've Been Released

Having been in prison already for robbery a man was released in 2001 after serving eight years. After being released he spent the next 3 years robbing some more along with trading illegal arms and assaulting police officials. He was killed in a shootout in 2003.

2. Money for Nothing, Death for Free

A man and his family committed quite a bit of crimes between 1996 and 2000 with crimes such as armed robberies and two bank robberies. Among other crimes they netted around 2.5 mil. However the man and his family were excuted following a public trial in 2001.

1. Self Proclaimed Killer

A former scout who attened a counterattack in Vietnam in 1979,  once said he was the No.1 killer in a Province. After retiring, he killed several people following a conflict. He fled and made his own group and the group in total killed 13 and injured 38 and of course robbed them of thousands. The former scout was killed during a shootout in 1993.

As you can see, there are sick people all over the world no matter where you go. I'm sure you'll also notice the pattern. Almost every single crime I listed was either murder, robbery or murder and robbery. What does it say about Chinese crime? Well I'm no investigator but clearly in any place it's all about money and trying to prove this case they only proved what crazy people they are and how they are no different then any other criminal. I will note that I did not give the names of these criminal men because I felt it was not important nor did I give all information on the men. The whole point of this was to show a very true look into the crimes of China in the last 30 years or so. It shocks me because I honestly thought the world's most brutal criminals came from the U.S or even Eastern Europe but clearly as I stated twice before, it can't be said enough, criminals and sick invidivuals are alike no matter where they are from.

Now how does this compare to Opium Warfare? Well like I said I don't plan on spoiling the novel but I can tell you that there is no string of mass murders nor are millions of dollars in money stolen. While the book does focus on drug trafficking, embezzeling and extorting, it does touch on more harsh crimes to a certain degree. If there is anything worth noting it's that I did not find many horrendous crimes in China in the 1920's, which isn't to say they did not exist but simply that none of importance came up. Had I come across them I may or may not have included it in the novel but most likely not as the novel is not a hard-boiled or psychopathic crime, it's a Crime Thriller/Historical Fiction set in 1920's Shanghai to give the reader an idea at a what was thought to be a simpler time. Finally, exactly how villanous is Shin Shaojin to these men? Well they make him like like someone in between Skeletor the He-Man villain and a Saint. Don't be fooled at this analysis of him though, you need to read the book to decide how bad he is for yourself.