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Time Frame on Writing

Posted on December 17, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

This post is apart of the Festive Spirit Blog Hop:

Some authors and writers can write a book in no time. Not only that but they then begin right away on working on the next one. Others take their time and focus on one project at a time. While they have their next book in mind it is only a thought and they are in no rush to begin until the current one is complete. So the questions here are how long should it take to write a book? 5 months? A year? Is time truly a factor when it comes to writing a book? I would think it doesn’t matter whether a book is written in a short amount of time over a book that was written over a long period of time. I don’t think you’ll see a drastic change or obvious stand out between the two. Whether it’s a short or long period of time the work is getting completed. It should more or less depend on the skill and speed of the writer and that which of the writer as to how long they wish to write it.


Some people write and work faster then others or prefer to work faster then others. This does not take anything away from those who write at a slow pace it just means they wish to take their time. Some can write no problem and have a published book out in 5 months or less that’s just the way they work. Where as there are those who write and write the same amount yet take just about a year to complete theirs. This discussion is not a debate as to which is better it’s merely an observation and question as to whether or not time is a factor when it comes to writing a book. Does it effect the quality? Does it deem an author less creditable if it’s written within a 3 month span? There is no written rule that states a writer as until a certain amount of time to complete a novel. Also all novel lengths are going to be different and everybody has different paces but is there an average percentage of authors who publish books in a matter or months or a year? Again not a debate but rather a dawning question that makes me wonder if aside from skill, pace and content if time factors in when it comes to writing a book.


Some writers give themselves a timetable of when they expect to be done with the book. However I’m sure we all know this time frame isn’t always reached. We never know how much we can expect to write therefore we really have no idea when we can expect to be done making time in this instance a mere estimate. Estimates aside, let’s say an author takes his time at his regular pace and finishes a book in 6 months, does this say anything about the author or the book compared to one who wrote a book in a year? Perhaps not as again everyone has a set pace. Whatever the average time expectancy is on writing a book I would assume it to be within the 6-8 month range. This would mean that they would be right in the middle of my earlier 5 months or a year and between a 6-8 month span would be considered pretty good and average as of when to complete a book. Of course as stated earlier many factors come into play which could in fact be the answer as to if time accounts for writing a book.


Does writing a book in a short span make it any less of a book compared to one written that took a whole year? Absolutely not. It’s all about how the writer went about in planning out their book and if they took the time everyday to want to get it out or they decided to make it a full on project that would take them through the entire year to write. Clearly the last statement can sum up the last three paragraphs but it can also be said that it’s all about how people perceive it to be. Everybody is different, everyone has different skill sets and writing habits. Everyone has a plan going in on what they are going to do and how much they are going to write. It’s these things that should attribute to a time frame. Therefore it is the writer that set’s the time frame and not time itself. All writers should have a general idea of what they are going to write about, what they are envisioning. They should also give themselves an idea as to when they think they will be done not when they’d like to be done. Other things make come up and put a stop to the book but at least having a time in mind in my opinion helps give the author a little goal. It’s always good to set a goal when it comes to writing. Personally, when writing I myself have no clue when I may finish yet I set a time frame as to when I think I may be done with the content I currently have. If I decide to add more I extend it. This is not done all the time but only when I feel that I need a good push and setting a goal is just the way to go.


Remember, if time is a factor it’s the writer who sets it and not time itself. It’s in good hopes that most of us writers use our time writing accordingly and not waste it or put it off thinking we all have plenty of it when in fact we truly do not know. So whether or not it’s 2 to 5 months, 6 to 8 months or a year or longer a book is a book. It will be written as you wish it to be written and if there are stops and bumps along the way just know that you can always go back. You can always write when there is time. Know that you wanted to write this book for a reason and your idea behind it will not go anywhere as long as you can remember them or write them down. Most importantly of all remember that as long as you want it to and time is on your side that book will be written, it shall be written.