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Funniest Advice I've Ever Received

Posted on December 19, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Advice. According to a Webster’s dictionary the definition of advice reads, “suggestion or recommendation regarding a course of action or decision”. Regardless on whether or not the advice is taken it’s is still considered advice, as helping someone out by giving them a pointer. However is it still advice if it’s not serious? For example someone’s advice to another could be to jump off a bridge, this is clearly an old silly saying but what if was meant to be serious? There is quite a difference between serious and joking but then again perhaps it all depends on the individual. Whether or not it’s serious or jokingly the content to which it’s being said and given at the time, it’s considered it to be advice and once again whether or not we take it is our own choice.


Before I get to the funniest piece of advice I’ve ever received I shall tell of one of the funniest places to which I have ever received advice...fortune cookies. First of all, who eats those things? You ever trying eating a fortune cookie? If you have god bless you but I am more interested in the wisdom to which it contains. While I don’t remember all fortunes I’ve received I remember one timeless one which read “A penny saved is a penny earned”, now that’s what I call good ole fashioned advice!


One of the funniest pieces of advice I have ever heard or read came from the late actor Robert Mitchum. He once said, “If your gonna do something do your best at it, if your gonna be a bum be the best bum there is”, I have come to love this quote and it’s not only one of my favorites but I think very good advice to which I myself have used in life.


The funniest piece of advice I have ever received came in 7th grade from one of my teachers. We were talking about something along the lines of endurance and how much pain a person can withstand. This topic brought up the sport of boxing to which the teacher told all of us and mind you we are children, “Boxing is good for people with ADHD and ADD so if any of you have ADHD or ADD I think you’d be good at boxing”. Now while I don’t remember my exact reaction and I never had either, I do know I was quite shocked at such a statement. Why would a teacher tell her students this?! While some may find this totally inappropriate and wild which I totally agree it is, I must say I find it to be one of the funniest pieces of advice I have ever received.

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