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Would You Write About Controversy?

Posted on December 20, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

We all have come across those books and articles of touchy subjects. You all know them. Their the ones that while they are juicy and interesting to read they are also borderline controversial and the metaphorical red flags come out in your mind. It then becomes a choice rather then a go ahead read, should I continue reading this and write my review or opinion? Or should I just back away and watch the hoopla entwine with others? Some people are no stranger to controversy while some find it as fuel to get a rush for themselves and a reaction out of others. When it comes to controversial articles everyone tends to come out with an opinion which always gets a good fire going. Goodreads is a perfect example of this. However I have yet to come across a book that was deemed too much and too controversial to be considered a quality product. I don’t mean all those classic banned books back in the day I’m talking about modern day books both traditional and self-published. Are they out there? Of course they are. I myself have not looked but I am sure there are authors out there who have written about things that are very outrageous and while the book may make for a good read afterwards you tend to wonder if publicity wise this book should be censored.


A risky article can be both good and bad as I am sure we have all seen on here. An author posts advice or makes an opinion and it gets a lot of views, hits and then the comments start piling on. Examples don’t need to be given because If I were to list an example some may not find it controversial so let’s all be in agreement of the ones that are obvious. Articles of a hot nature will tend to clearly get their point across and get a good amount of feedback. However at the same time they will start fueds with some people with high opinions clashing with others. Does this mean your article is controversial? No. It just means that everyone has a different opinion. Now for an example, if the article is on Nazis and treatments on the Jews then chances are opinions wont only be high but your going to question the articles writer and ask him what gives him the right. It may not be like this but chances are an article of such nature tends to bring out the over raised eyebrows in everyone who reads it and asking the writer where they get of. Yes, it can make for a good read. Yes, it can get a lot of good solid discussions out of people and yes it can also make things ugly, turn sour or whatever other expression you want to use. If the article starts a roaring fire does it mean it’s bad? What is the reasoning behind the writers idea to write it in the first place? These are questions that one can ask themselves but onto books.


A controversial book of today. Right away I think to myself clearly the author who arote it must not think it’s controversial or they would not have written it in the first place. On the other hand I think the author does not care what people think and believes in his work whether it’s fact based or fiction but still has the controversial intent. Or even the possible hey I’m going to write a book about something highly questionable and people are going to point the finger at me but I just want to see what people will think about it. Have you ever come across such a book? Unfortunately as many may think, Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray are not controversial books, they just have their own fan base and those of us who aren’t fans will usually say the authors of both can’t write. This would be a clear example of a controversial topic but not a Oh my god this book should be burned in the deepest regions of hell because it’s not okay! I myself don’t go looking for such books though I recently read one of violent and sexual nature, very strong at that. Reading it at times I felt it to be very inappropriate but at the same time it was still a really good read. So what does this make me? It shows that I find something alarming but at the same time enjoyable because I know the authors intent was to be enjoyed. I know the author didn’t intend for it to be like this he wrote it as he wanted it not to be questioned but to be enjoyed. Perhaps it comes to books it comes down to more of the authors intent. If you write about something high questionable and controversial then you better know full well that you may get a lot of criticism for it going forward. You better realize that not everyone is going to like it and while you may or may not have intended to do it to get such reactions out of people you do believe in it.

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