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Social Media Scheduling

Posted on December 23, 2015 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

As authors I’m sure we all promote and market on social media in some way. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or another source we all look to try and reach our followers and gain new ones by posting useful content about our work. One thing that you may hear about is scheduling on social media. Each social media site has certain peak days and hours of when to post and days and hours when not to post. If your one who follows a schedule then good for you, you’re a lot more dedicated then I am. I am a fan for scheduling during the right times, the only issue is that there’s so many out there and they are all different that they contradict and go against each other. It’s hard to tell which one is accurate and which one you should use. Well I am no expert however I can tell you that from the times I have followed a social media schedule, the one I went by I found it to be quite accurate and correct.


What I will now do is list the social media sites that I personally use and I will give you the some days and times of when the best time is to post, the peak times, the worst times and I will give you a brief statement on my thoughts about each.


Best Time: 1 p.m- 4 p.m

Peak Time: Wednesdays 3 p.m

Worst Time: Weekends Before 8 a.m/ after 8 p.m


Best Time: Mon-Thurs 1 p.m- 3 p.m

Peak Time: Mon- Thurs 9 a.m- 3 p.m

Worst Time:  Everday after 8 p.m and Fridays after 3 p.m


Best Time: Saturday Mornings

Peak Time: Fridays 3 p.m

Worst Time: Normal work hrs(i.e 9-5)


Best Time: Friday Evenings 7 p.m

Peak Time: Sun-Tues 7 p.m- 10 p.m

Worst Time: Before 4 p.m


 Facebook- You’ll notice the best time for Facebook and Twitter are roughly the same. Why Wednesday’s at 3p.m? I haven’t the slightest idea although if I had to guess I would say because it’s at the middle of the week and social media sites tends to believe that Thursdays and Friday’s people are more laid back and not looking to browse. Now you would think the weekend would be the best time but people are more prone to be out and about and if they are on it’s for socializing and not looking to interact to buy or take interest in books.


Twitter- As I stated above, Facebook and Twitter have similar best times. I can personally tell you that 3p.m is definitely a peak hour. Just the other day I was getting 40 tweets every 30secs on my page. Monday through Thursday is roughly around work hours so it makes sense. The reason Fridays after 3p.m are bad are because most people are getting out of work at 4 or 5 and it’s the end of the week. Which means posting on there probably isn'tt the best way to go. It also says everyday after 8p.m is the worst but I’ve actually found it to be good at times and have received retweets and even messages. 


Pinterest- Notice something about Pinterest that’s completely different from the other two? Exactly, Pinterests best and peak times are Facebook and Twitter’s worst. Both Saturdays and Fridays are strong while the other two are not encouraged at all. Why is this? Well my theory is that Pinterest is an image site and people are more prown to relax and post and view other images rather than read and take an interest in the other two. Pinterest doesn’t ask much of you other than, look at this and like it. Work hours are the worst because well you don’t want to be caught with images on your work computer do you? No looking at those delectable fruits for your next batch of pies, back to work!


Tumblr- Notice how Tumblr’s times are just like Pinterest? This is because they are similar in the sense that they are image sites. Having been a member of Tumblr for a few years now I can tell you that posting during certain hours doesn’t make much difference. Tumblr times are way too inaccurate to judge. In fact I would honestly say you could post whenever you want and if you want to monitor when your best times are go right ahead. I’ve found some of my posts late at night reach people so, Tumblr scheduling in my opinion is really up in the air because it's not one of the top sites.Tumblr is an underrated site but at the same time a younger site so the scheduling is very questionable.


So again these are just my findings, times and experiences that have worked for me or that I most believe in. I’m not telling you that you MUST use them, if you find another that’s more reliable and believable to you then use that. I can tell you that when I do use scheduling I go by this chart and its worked quite well. On Twitter I should note that what you can do is schedule tweets to be posted later on during the day. Say you want to post something but know you won’t be able to. Well you can write it at say noontime and you want it for 5p.m well you can write it out and schedule to post it at 5p.m. So while you won’t be able to hit post it automatically does it for you. So the next time your unsure of when to post or when not to, check out this scheduling chart for some tips.

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