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6 Ways to Generate Book Trailer Views

Posted on February 12, 2016 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)

We all have an idea of how to make them or at least where to go to have them created for us but what about getting views for your book trailer? Youtube is obviously the number one place to post a trailer followed by your own website or blog but what about after these two spots?


Are there other places where an author can post their trailer? Is there a view generating secret that we don't know about? I believe book trailers are one of the most under utilized marketing tools and people forget that a simple view of their book can change things for you.I've come up with a list of 6 ways to possibly generate book trailer views. I myself will also be implementing these ideas and if I get results or not I will report my findings, here are the list of ideas:


-Watch and comment on other peoples trailers/trailers within your genre: It’s a nice gesture to give feedback on trailers you watch. Keep it short by writing a sentence or two. Sometimes the person may respond back and may even check out your trailer. Also be sure to leave your name and the name of one of your books but no link.


-Post links of trailers on Social Media: I'd say Twitter may be a better bet with more of a chance as Facebook tends to do what they do best..hide your posts. Post it to any other social media site you’re a part of and remember to post every once in a while.


-Reference your trailer in threads on Goodreads: Your not tooting your own horn, your informing and using your own work as an example. Of course you’ll need to post in the appropriate threads such as ones devoted to posting trailer links. It also helps if you’ve created your own thread for it or post it on your own thread.


-Focus on Youtube: If you dedicate time on Youtube chances are you’ll find a whole lot of videos hopefully not all about cats. Try taking this time and editing your videos, look into similar ones and browse other videos and see what’s popular.


-Put them on your website: If your video components don't take up all the bandwidth on your webpage then post them there. If you get a lot of page viewers they may enjoy this and perhaps check it out.


-Make A Good Trailer/Word of Mouth: The idea is you want to make a good quality trailer and if you believe it is good then tell people about it. Tell friends and those interested in your work. Just kindly ask them to check out your trailer and ask what they thought of it.

Again, these tips aren't revolutionary but simple enough that everyone can try them to gain better views for their book trailers.

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