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Outside Promotion

Posted on December 2, 2014 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I believe I may have wrote about this subject before but it's worth asking and writing about again. Outside promotion, you know the thing author's used to do before the days of the internet? Yeah that! There is just as big a market and just as big a need to promote one's book outside and around where you live as there is online. Now what I am not as I always say is an expert and in this case I am more certainly not, in fact I've failed many times at outside promoting. I am not ashamed of it but before we get to my failed attempts let me elaborate a bit more on the idea of outside promotion. In most cases the best thing for authors to do before they release their book is to put out an ad in their local paper, do a press release, or go to a local bookstore or library if you can and tell the locals about it. If this works sucessfully then most authors then expand their marketing plan by going to other places around town and spread the word about their book. Then there's always contacting local radio stations to see if they will have you on as a guest, basicaly this should be stuff you already know so it should go without saying. The issue I have always had with promoting within my town is the fact that there isn't alot of places to promote and the town isn't exactly flowing and lively.

One thing I would like for everyone to take from the experiences I'm about to share with you is that if yor like me, don't be, be like me and try to find ways around this and try to do better market yourself within town. When I put out my three books, I never put out an ad in the local paper. Did I consider it? Of course, but the cost it would have been to do so? A bit steep and out of my price range, in fact even if I had steady income I'd find the price to be a bit out of range. I have a press release but in all honesty I never really know what to do with it, I mean where does it go? Someone here? To a publisher? A promoter? Website? If your good at press releases then this can help you otherwise if your not, your like me and you have it handy in hopes for one day using it if you ever figure out how to truly use it to your advantage. I have a local bookstore! Yay!, yes one point for me and I held a book signing for my first book(back when it was with god awful PA) I had about 4 people show up and I sold 2 copies, it's not bad but clearly not good. I have since sold copies of my book within the store but haven't had a chance to go back down but when I do I will certainly give more copies. I have tried having another signing but shes been pretty booked(no pun intended) so I have to wait. 

My library probably isn't like your library which is just my luck. Most people tell me their library helps and supports local authors and goes the extra mile for them, well not mine in fact they are almost intimidated if you want my opinion. Since I've written my first, second and third book I have made countless trips to the library in the last 4 years and in that time I've gotten the same things, "Oh, well we don't support any book that's outside our business, it has to be non-profit", "You'll have to speak to Mrs.Smith about that" or Oh gee I'm not really sure we do that". Strict and odd right? You would think a library of ALL places in town would support local authors, nope, I'm not joking around or exxagerating folks, my library does not welcome us. They have since had their administrator step down and someone new is in charge so maybe they changed their policies though I highly doubt it. 

In closing, I don't want you to think I'm, whining or complaining I'm not, I realize that I could do a lot better when it comes to outside marketing...if I had the luxury in doing so. When you have a Dunkin Donuts or shady nail salon on every other corner of your town, you realize your not in the wrong and there really isn't many places where you can promote yourself and your works. Now, next year I plan on scoping out my town inside and out and figuring out if there is any place salvagable enough for me to not only benefit myself but that place of business will benefit from me as well. There is plenty of places an author can promote themselves within towns if they have them, cafes/coffee shops not Dunkin Donuts, Laundromats that are decent looking and used frequently, library that supports local authors, museums if your book is art oriented, small shops and local eateries, etc. Their are places don't get me wrong, I myself have some of the one's I've mentioned but why haven't I tried? Ehh my own personal ignorance in needing drive to do so but I assure you all I am capable of doing so and will try in the upcoming future. So remember, if your wondering why your lacking in the promotion and marketing department see what your doing when it comes to Outside promotion, chances are you may be like me and your under utilizing it.