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My Kindle Countdown/Free Days 2.0

Posted on May 16, 2016 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (1)

So as part of the anniversary marking the 3 and 4 years of two of my books releases I decided to do a free days and Kindle Countdown Deal for them. I did free days for my poetry book Like A Box of Chocolates and I had the deal run for 5 days from April 26th to April 30th. I also held a Kindle Countdown Deal for my western horror A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West for 7 days from April 26th to May 3rd. Below are my results.

Free Days for Like a Box of Chocolates:

Day 1- 18 downloads

Day 2- 8 downloads

Day 3- 125 downloads

Day 4- 16 downloads

Day 5- 38 downloads

Total- 205 downloads

KCD for A Bloody Bloody Mess..:

Day 1- 1 download

Day 2- 1 download

Day 3- 1 download

Day 4- 1 download

Day 5- 1 download

Day 6- 0

Day 7- 0

Total- 5 downloads

So as you can tell from my free days I did pretty well with my best day being April 28th which was a Thursday. I generated 125 likes that day and my book peaked all the way to #3 on Amazon Best-Sellers list for Poetry. It was after that to which I tried hard to try and push downloads to get it to #1 but I unfortunately never reached that but I am very pleased to have had a book reach #3, I consider that quite an achievement. I don't know what site produced the most downloads for me as they don't provide that information and I promoted on quite a few sites. You can check out the complete list of places I promoted my free days on IndieListers just look for my book Like A Box of Chocolates on the list.

As for my Kindle Countdown deal well it bombed. I promoted on the sames sites when I could and promoted on ones that allowed discounts to be listed but for some reason the downloads just weren't there. The book went from a normal $2.99 to $0.99 for the seven days but I only averaged a download a day until I got nothing the last two. It generated me just $2.72 in royalties which I wasn't happy about but if anything it's an eye opener and learning experience. It was a total loss as the book peaked all the way to #15 on Amazon Best-Sellers for Horror and averaged out at #20 for most of the discount days and for a week after it ended. This promotion helped me realize what I should do for next time which is perhaps spend a little money or promote it in more places to build awareness.

Overall I would say I got the best of both worlds from my promotions as my free days got me massive downloads and my discount deal got me barely anything but I am glad I did them and it helped spread awareness for my books and who knows maybe I'll get some reviews out of it as well. I would also like to mention that eBookBooster gives you a list in alphabetical order of places you can submit your book. It costs money but I went to all the sites manually and I'm glad I did because not all of them were functioning sites as some had broken links, the site was no longer up or there was no page in which to promote. So while I do suggest eBookBooster I suggest you not pay for it as it's better to just do it yourself and it doesn't take that much time. Also Author's Marketing Club has a feature that allows you to promote your book to a ton of sites. Premium Members can do it with one click while regular members like myself do it manually, again that I will leave up to you. Also it's good to run promotions on places like AwesomeGang, and DiscountBookMan, they all run the same but they promote your book on the day you ask them to.

Those are my results for my free days and kindle countdown deals fro my books and I hope my experience and findings will appeal to you as I shared them for this very reason. Feel free to take what I said and apply it to your own promotion deals and feel free to comment telling me about your experience. I will also gladly take any questions you may have on anything I may have left out.