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Is Mailchimp Worth the Money?

Posted on July 4, 2016 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Mailchimp is an e-mail marketing service that allows you to gain followers and create and write e-mails to send to your followers in a mass setting. It's easy to set-up and account however it's not quite all that easy to use, at least I don't think so. It can be a bit confusing so I would say just like any site you really have to use it a few times to get used to it. Basically the idea behind Mailchimp is it acts as a way for you to e-mail a bunch of people on your mailing list(you are building an e-mail list right?) Sorry I feel as though I was required to say that but even if your not big on building an e-mail list you should at the very least try and give it a shot. So why Mailchimp? Well there are other places you can use but I've always been told that Mailchimp is the most recommended. I joined a few months back and didn't like it but then seeing that I needed one to buld an e-mail list decided to give it another shot. The good thing about Mailchimp is you can upload an exsisting e-mail list and you can set a landing page or link on your site or post it to gain that persons e-mail to which you can then add to your list on MailChimp. So from that regard and everything else I have stated, Mailchimp would seem like quite the site to use right? Well that can be debated as my next point of discussion is about the title of this very post.

Is MailChimp worth the money? Well First off you should know that Mailchimp is free of charge to use however...If you want to be able to automatically send e-mails to your followers or ones to people who join to welcome them and give them info and something free then you need to pay a fee. The automation feature costs are based on the amount of followers you have. For example I have 25 followers so I'm in the $10 range if I were to pay to use it but I don't. The more followers you have the more you pay. When I first found out the automation wasn't free I won't lie I pretty much rode off the site. I find it ridiculous that there's a fee because obviously automation is a big part of using the site because no one wants to sit there and write every single new member manually especially if you run an ad to attract more followers. However, not only is this not free but they start charging you more money after you reach over 2,000 followers. This bothers me because they assume every single hard working indie author who wants to build a list has the money..well they don't, I know I don't. You have to spend money monthly to keep up your service on Mailchimp plus whatever else your spending, it's just a vicious cycle to me and unless you can really backup and cover your costs I don't think MailChimp is worth it.

Is Mailchimp worth it? Well this is just my opinion. I say if you have and are will to spend money and you have a solid e-mail list going then by all means go ahead and use the automation feature. Some people will make it work better than others. For me, I don't have the funds to pay monthly to use it and keep it up and even if I did I don't know that I would because I just don't get the full aspect of it. It's hard enough gaining followers as is and to reach them you need to pay a fee? I may be an outsider on this thought but I just don't get it. I'll say this much..I think your better off getting automation when you reach 2,000 followers. They start charging you after you reach 2,000 so either automation becomes free and they just charge you just for the amount of followers or they charge you for both but either way I would think it's best to consider paying when it's worth it and you have a decent size following. Mailchimp is used by millions and recommended by many so I am not totally against it, I get the premise and the idea and I myself still have an account and plan on using it. I may consider getting the automation fee when I get a good size following. So is it worth the money? Yes but only if you're either already set up to do so or you plan on set up to do so.