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The $20 Guarantee

Posted on July 27, 2017 at 4:05 PM

I recently took part in a weekly twitter chat like I do every week. Someone asked a question about Facebook which is one of the few social media outlets I simply don’t put my time into( one reason is because it is a bit intimidating). They said should they be on there and how can they make their posts show up more because as you may know when you make a post on your Facebook Author Page not all of your followers see it. One thing to do is to post images as images are more likely to be seen over simple texts but another thing people will tell you and what got suggested to the person in the group who asked was to boost their posts by spending money. The host said they spent $20 on a boost of their post and saw a dramatic increase in likes and views for that post as well as in huge increase in the thousands of visitors to their site. This sounds amazing to me, I’m not big on spending money to promote, I’m not big on giving Facebook my money and third I feel paying to boost a post is the last reason I’d cough up money to Facebook. Does it work though? Clearly it can but I feel it would have to be the right post and you have to have things already set in motion as well as a solid following to really get results from that paid post. This brings me to something I’m calling the $20 guarantee which is what I’d like to see but of course nothing is guaranteed.

1. Every Follower and others see my post- The one thing paying to boost a post will do is get you more views of that post. What it does is tell Facebook to ignore their algorithm and boost the post so every follower of the person sees it as well as any other person as well. While you can’t be guaranteed a specific number of how many likes and views you’ll get you can be rest assured that your post will definitely be seen by hundreds upon hundreds of people by paying to boost it.

2. Visitors to Website- If the post comes from your website or contains a link to it then naturally you want people to go there. The problem is however that people are more of an all read no click type lately. Meaning they’ll read what you have to say but they aren’t likely to click. Of course people will tell you that if the content is good enough then the people will click. True, but you want them to then do something when they get to your page which doesn’t always happen. What I’m saying here is there’s a lot of steps you have to take in making sure people go to your website but it’s not exactly a guarantee which is inevitable but unfortunate as it’s one thing you hope you could put out, have people see it and make that next action. It requires more work and the problem is you don’t even know if that hard work will pay off because if it doesn’t you slowly start eating that $20 and there’s no guarantee.


3. Viewer/Follower Takes Full Action- As I stated above there’s no way of knowing or making a person take full action. You have to put out solid enough of work to where you feel so confident that your not worried about if people don’t see it..It’s not that I don’t believe in my work or don’t want to take the steps to make things happen I’m just afraid it’s not as realistic and that not having the right amount of followers and Facebook the entity in itself stands in the way. Obviously you can’t be guaranteed of how things will go you can only do your best and take a chance. You have to do the work and put things in motion for people to take full action.

What am I saying? I’m saying I’m not about to put down $20 on a Facebook post unless I know I can get these three things out of it for sure. I don’t like spending money on promoting and if I do I want to know for a fact or at least be assured that what I’m investing in will pay off. I feel while Facebook is absolutely necessary it’s also intimidating and putting money toward it when you haven’t established yourself on it could prove dire. I’d rather have an idea that I will get a good amount back out of my $20 rather than feel like I’m eating it, because after all that is $20 and it could go toward a lot more other things guaranteed.

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