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Making Use of Twitter Lists

Posted on August 16, 2017 at 4:20 PM

Twitter is probably the second biggest social media site behind Facebook. Either you love it or hate it, it either works for you or it doesn’t. Twitter is big on hashtags and hashtags help your tweets be seen and they help you interact with your fellow Twitter members and followers. However amongst the hashtags and the rest of twitters many helpful tools is one in particular that I know not many people take advantage of..Twitter Lists. Many times you’ll find people place you on lists, some that you totally get why because you write about that list topic while other and most times your placed on a list and have no clue why. Ignore this, ignore all this.


What are Twitter Lists? A twitter list is a list you can become a member of, subscribe to or create as a way to place followers in a certain niche or topic. Say your like me and you write horror and you want to have all your important horror followers in one spot where you can find them. Well you simply crate a list and then go to their profiles and add them to that list. A list is a great way to organize and follow people without actually following them. They are good for both public and private. Public lists are viewable to everyone including the people you place in them and private lists are only seen by you, meaning you have your own private lists for your own benefit.


Are Twitter Lists Important? Absolutely! I don’t always turn to my lists daily but the simple fact that I have them and they are there is enough. It helps me for when I do need to use them and I have an easy way to get a hold of someone or see someone’s tweets I otherwise wouldn’t see because twitter doesn’t show you everyone’s tweets. This brings me to another reason why it’s a good idea to make lists. Aside from your own organization there’s some people who you follow whose tweets you may want to see more then others. Twitter Lists help you do this. You simply place these followers who are priority to you in a list and boom, you can see their tweets at anytime you wish. Lists help you organize people into categories, help you easily keep track of certain peoples tweets and it’s a good way to create a little order.


Should I Follow Lists or Create Them? Both. You want to follow lists that are beneficial to you and about topics you actually care about. You also of course as stated above want to create lists for your own benefit as well. I myself have more created lists than I’m following. This isn’t because I am trying to make things easier for myself and another way to do so is by following lists that don’t have a ton of people. With your own lists you can put and keep track of your followers easy but with lists you follow you can’t which is why you should keep the lists you follow and create at a minimum.


What’s A Unique Way I can Utilize a Twitter List?

Well besides the reasons I mentioned above there’s a few reasons you should create lists that are unique and helpful to you. Say you have a weekly Twitter Chat that you run well you can place those chat members into a list to keep track of them or even to send a reminder to them about the chat. Say you juat a bunch of publishing companies or editors that follow you that you want to look into and possibly work with, create a list for them. I myself recently had a stream of horror people(fans of horror, fellow writers, horror podcasts, movie producers) follow me on here. Seeing that they all share horror in common and they could prove useful and beneficial to me I decided to create a list for them so now they are all in one spot and I can see what they tweet and have easy access to contact them if need be. There are lots of ways you can utilize lists and these are just a few. So before you ask yourself are lists for you, just take into consideration all I’ve said here and determine how you want to use them not if they are for you because they likely are..or at least they should be.

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