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Ranking Social Media

Posted on October 18, 2017 at 3:45 PM

Unless we are completely tuned out all of us are on some form of social media. Most people are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but which ranks best? Which form of social media is where you should be? Some people and advice will tell you you need to be everywhere..yes but in a sense. You don’t need to be on every single social media because some sites are simply not for everyone. Below is my list of social media and how I think they rank up to one another, why they are popular and whether or not they are beneficial to you or worth your consideration.


1. Facebook

Yes Facebook is hit a bit of a snag recently but don’t let that nonsense and small talk fool you as Facebook is what most people have, what most people use and where they are at. Of course the one thing you’ll need to remember is as an author or blogger that you eed your own Author/Brand Page. Giving people your personal page is a big no no so don’t do that. SO why is Facebook so popular? Well for one most people have one, you can join groups, find readers and bloggers, create events and your brand page is stacked with a ton of things you can do to interact with people. Also Facebook Ads are still the best bet in order to gain an audience or get sales. Facebook may not work for you however even so it’s at the very least a good social media site you need to be on so people know you exist.


2. Twitter

Some don’t get Twitter but to me it’s very easy once you get the hang of it and it can be quite interactive once you know your way around. With Twitter you can carve out your small bio to let people know what you are and what you do. You can use hashtags which is the best way to gain a following, show people you know your stuff and it’s a great way to interact with people. You can use many Twitter tools, images and while it’s not the caliber that Facebook is, it can be a great way to get notoriety for you and your brand. Like Facebook, I believe Twitter is a place you need to be. Some find it boring or difficult but it’s something that works better than it looks and if you spend a little time on it each day you’ll find yourself liking it and making the most of it in no time.


3. Instagram

All the buzz seems to be on instagram as the place you need to be. I just recently joined instagram but have heard many things about it and have had numerous people tell me to join so I finally did. Instagram is good because it’s an image based site, using images to capture your attention and the best part is unlike a limit on Twitter you can go hashtag crazy on here usually 20-30. The key to instagram is getting likes on what you post and to make sure what you post is quality content and stuff you want people to see. For authors you want to sort of give them an inside look at your daily writing life, behind the scenes stuff or even teasers. Between the popularity, hashtags and content you want to get the right people to see your stuff. Instagram is where it’s at right now, I just joined so I can’t give the best advice but It’s definitely where you should be or at least give a try on.


4. Youtube

Youtube could technically be in the Top 2 but I don’t think of it as a true social media site but more as a video sharing and viewing site. If you go by the number of people on there then it falls as 2nd but when it comes to using it as social media well..hence the reason it’s 4th on my list. Youtube is great for making videos, sharing content and getting the most content you can to learn on to expand your brand. Most people have a Youtube account but I imagine not many use it to their advantage or use it from a social media standpoint. For those who do use it as such it can be a great tool as video is one of the hottest things right now so if you can carve out a solid niche on Youtube then your doing pretty well for yourself.


5. Pinterest

I know what your thinking, really? Pinterest? Well again this is my personal preference but in all honesty I could put two other sites here and give you the same type of results and you’d have the same reaction. Pinterest is the most underrated out of the five hands down. However Pinterest is also probably the most under utilized and unique social media site of them all. Pinterest allows you to great boards and you place images within those boards. Think of it as Instagram but organized and you can create categories, and you love Instagram don’t you? Pinterest is rather difficult to gain a following but again like Instagram once you get the hang of it, post great quality content and establish your brand and reach your audience you’ll find it is a spot you’ll not only need to be but you’ll have fun and want to be there as well.

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