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                                        About Me

Justin Bienvenue

Author, Poet, Horror Writer

Justin Bienvenue is an author and poet. He resides in Attleboro, Massachusetts. As a young boy he was always told by friends and family that he had quite an imagination and if only he could write down on paper what he could create in his mind. However despite being told he had a knack for being creative, he didn't pursue writing right away. It wasn't until his freshman year of high school that he began writing poetry. 

He not only wrote it but came to realize he enjoyed it very much and began writing poetry more frequently. He became a frequent writer of poetry and later took a course in creative writing and journalism. In 2011, he decided he wanted the public to enjoy his poetry so he decided to write his first book, The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore. He has since started writing short stories, continues to write poetry and has written two more books.

When he is not thinking of his latest story, poem or writing away he's usually enjoying the outdoors(when it's appropriate to do so). He is a sports fan and enjoys Football and Baseball and is a fan of the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox. He also enjoys playing sports when he has a chance to do so.  Besides sports his interests also include History, Egyptology, Ufology, Piracy, The Wild West, President Abraham Lincoln, The Bermuda Triangle and listening to music.

                                          Why I Write

So one day while sitting at my computer thinking of what I wanted to do with my life I compiled a list of things to get done. One of these ideas on the list was writing a book, it was last one the list cause it was at the time the most unlikely thing to get done. However on another day I brought together all my horror poems and then found myself writing more then I thought why not make that book, so after putting the basics together I sat down and started writing. After one week and 35 new poems later I added them to go with the 15 I already had I was ready to put the book together. Then came the many processes, editing, organizing, researching, all things that needed to be done to make this book happen I began doing. 

None of this was easy as one may imagine, there was always something in the way but nonetheless I got over it and kept on going. After categorizing, editing, and putting it all together I sent it to a publishing company where they agreed to publish it. Then of course the waiting process happened but I did not wait long. After a few months they told me it was all set and I just needed to go over it.  Corrections and making sure it was just right took a bit of time but after that the idea that I thought least of doing became a reality. When last January rolled around my book was published and I was one happy person. Little did I know that writing was easy, it was the promotion process that would prove to be the hardest of all...