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Beautiful, Quirky, Fun and Unique...

Nature's Way

From branches to leaves clearly shaken

They way they flow I am but taken

How the colors blend ever so

Together entwined with the wind they blow

How they form is in their change

Bittersweet but yet calm and strange

Graceful brush up against the ground

Up in the air dancing all around

This is their moment, their time

To be feel free and to shine

Creating beautiful moments like this

Peaceful and pure with a sense of bliss

They wish to not make a mess

But to spread out they do confess

If just like this they could stay

It would be fine, It would be natures way


She showers herself in ashes of the dead

She opens the door to that enlightenment

But gets tangled up in the web of deceit

For a web is unlike any bars that hold

Yet she is the spider, the death in which she bathes

Her merciful bliss is all but a facade

She does breast stokes through the codeine

To make herself feel better

But at light she lies in bed alone

In a bed that she didn’t make

She sees without seeing

At the drop of a tear into a bleeding rose

It’s nothing she wanted

It’s everything she did

The clocks are watching her

Preying on her like hawks

She cannot see their agenda

For no time is safe

Even hidden within brick walls

Tainted child, she loves the pain

It makes her feel alive...  

Song of a Seductress

She parts her luscious lips
and legs slightly while in bed
A gentle touch with her fingertips
The soft moans of Chasity Redd

She satisfies with such ease
That any man can hardly bare
When all she wants to do is please
With no clothes, just laying there

She wants to feel the passion
And is looking for a good time
That ecstatic satisfaction
Oh if only lust were a crime

Then perhaps she’d be locked up
With the key but thrown away
But a drink of nectar from Dionysus’ cup
And suddenly all the more reason to stay

She kisses and bites yours lips
As if she sucks your soul and your dead
While gently running her fingertips
Moaning softly is the seductress Chasity Redd

Galaxy Euphoria

Into the galaxy all the way to mars

Oh how I love a good trip

Reaching out to lick the stars

As I make your honey dip

What is euphoria? 

A gentle galactic rain

A sensual phantasmagoria

To which I cannot explain

Oh how sweet and bitter

We are but cosmos in that black abyss

Shine yourself in glitter

It’s my taste you miss

Send away your dark thoughts

Into the temple of the sun

The feeling reigns out like shots

But we are only one

An advocate to a paradox

As space and time run through my fingers

Exactly what’s in my pandora’s box?

Everlasting stains to which lingers

I’ll open that supernova

And ride away into the clearing

You wanted me over and over

But time no longer nearing

What is it my dear?

Did your flowers die along the way?

I am at peace and I dream in fears

And in eternal is how I shall stay

What A Leaf Does on a Saturday Night

Mainly laying upon the ground

This is how they are always viewed

But late at night when no one 


Is when their fun begins

They float and soar in groups

having the most quiet parties

parties crashers are welcomed

 they get drunk off the air

high off the big gusts of wind

passing and blacking out

in random places

miles and miles from where they 


some whisper to one another

many dance and sway

they fraternize for hours

some attend other parties

like having orgies with trees

many start from the top

only to end up on the bottom

so when you see a stiff leaf

not moving at all

its probably got a hangover

this is what a leaf does on a Saturday  

Wonderful Cap

He said I don’t wish to kill you

As much as I wish to wear you like a hat

Hat wear for me is hard to come by these days

I think you’d make a wonderful cap

A night cap for bedtime like Scrooge wore

Cause my head gets cold at night

Cutting the scalp open like an apple

and draping the skin like a curtain

It’s all in the technique he says

But I don’t feel a thing

I hope he leaves my brain in tact

I’d hate for spillage or leakage

Things are getting fuzzy now

and I feel a draft above

Close the window I say

Slowly I’m losing my mind

He said he left my brain in tact

As he sported his new hat

I said hey that looks familiar

What a lovely and wonderful cap

                      ~ Drabbles ~

I have been meaning to start writing drabbles since I first found out exactly what they were. After reading a few of them at the end of An Odd Quartet by Michael Brookes I finally decided to take a crack into the world of Drabbles and try writing some of my very own. For those who are not quite familiar with what a drabble is, it is a short story of exactly 100 words. Here are a few drabbles that I have written, but please don't be too harsh on me because after all I'm still an amateur at these!


I looked in the mirror and state a name under my breath. I smiled only to realize I was smiling, I said the name again. Wow I really look good today, I didn’t really do anything different but wow I look good. I look to my left and then to my right then behind me and then focus back on my reflection on the mirror. I say the name one more with a wicked smile before I crack up laughing. Suddenly the lights go out. They come back on and Bloody Mary comes out of the mirror, taking me away.

Where Am I?

It was pitch dark and I couldn’t see a damn thing. The only thing I knew was I was tied to a chair and I wasn’t the only one in there. There were others, lot’s of them, least it sounded like there was. I kept feeling the cold tip of a sharp blade brush across my cheek and against my neck. I also kept hearing the faint sound of maniacal laughter. Suddenly the lights come on, I close and open my eyes to let them adjust. I look around the room, I see are a bunch of clowns with knives.