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The Official Page of Justin Bienvenue

The Plasmatic Writer

Author . Poet . Horrorpreneur  

About Me

                                     Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue wrote his first book The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore in 2010, A 5x #1 Most Downloaded book on Amazon for contemporary poetry. His second book, A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West a western horror was published in 2014 it was followed by Like A Box of Chocolates: A Collection of Poetry, A #1 Most Downloaded book on Amazon for Contemporary Poetry and American Poetry. Aside from horror and poetry, he has also written a crime thriller, Opium Warfare, and plans on writing a six-part mafia crime thriller series called American Onslaught in the future. 

His fifth book The Macabre Masterpiece: Repressed Carnage is a sequel to his first book but since they're books of poetry they don't need to be read in order. His sixth book The Wax Factory is a horror novel and his first true book series. His seventh novel, The Wax Menagerie is the second book in the Wax Factory series. The third book in the series is called The Wax Papers. He also has a book of short stories called The Short Story Emporium and just released his first steampunk book, Of Gears and Gaslight in March of 2022. His latest book The Wax Paper was released on May 31st.

He is a bit of a Twitterholic and can usually be found there most of the time. He also has over eighteen short stories and poems published in various anthologies and magazines. He has free stories and poems that can be found on Wattpad and Channillo. He writes a horror blog called, Hundred Year Old Horror where he analyzes books and authors from over 100 years ago. He is the host of the YouTube series Mystery Unsolved and Mystery Ghost Stories.

When he's not writing his hobbies are usually watching the New England Patriots or the Boston Red Sox, playing video games, listening to music, or going for walks when the weather allows him to. He also enjoys history, Egyptology, Ufology, piracy, mysteries & conspiracies, and Civil War History. For more content and news sign up for Justin’s e-mail-list.

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~My Favorite Quotes~ 

“There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell em’” - Louis Armstrong

“I don’t do drugs, I am drugs”- Salvador Dali

“No matter what you do, do your best at it. If you’re going to be a bum, be the best bum there is.” -Robert Mitchum

“There's right and there's wrong. Y'gotta do one or the other. Do the other and you may be walking around, but you're dead as a beaver hat.” -John Wayne

~My Writing Journey~ 

One day I was sitting at my computer thinking of things I wanted to accomplish. So I compiled a list of goals. The last goal on the list was to write a book because to me it was the most unlikely thing to happen. The other four goals on the list included basics such as becoming more social, getting a girlfriend, getting a job, and learning to drive. After I failed to get the first four goals done I thought I’d take a shot at the last one. So I sat down and began thinking of what I wanted to write about. I knew it would be poetry since I’d taken a liking to it so I went through my folder of poems and came across my horror poetry. I then decided my love for poetry and horror would make for a great first book. After piecing what I had together I sat down and started writing more. One week and 35 new poems later I added them to go with the 15 I already had and was ready to put the book together. Then came the many processes, editing, organizing, researching, all things that needed to be done to make the book a reality.

None of this was easy as one may imagine but I kept at it. After doing all these things and everything was set I sent it to a publishing company, and they agreed to publish it. Of course, the waiting process happened but I did not wait long. After a few months, they told me my book was good to go and I just needed to go over it. Corrections and making sure it was just right took a bit of time but after that, the goal that I thought would be the least of actually happened became a reality. My book was published and I was one happy person. However, my happiness was short-lived as I ended up having serious issues with the company. After four years of being held in a bad contract with a vanity press, I was able to get out of it and moved on with my career, and decided to become a self-published indie author. I had my first book re-published in 2014 and while I’ll never know how successful those four years could’ve been I’m happy to say the book has had success in years since. I have gone on to write several more books and I am proud to be an indie author.

I write because I enjoy it. I write because it’s a skill I have. I write because I have ideas that flow through my brain and most of all I write because it’s a part of me and who I am. I have a passion for writing and I enjoy creating stories and expressing myself through poetry. I write because it’s a way for me to showcase my imagination for others to read. I write because it’s what I do and it brings me joy. 

~My Writing Inspirations~

Edgar Allan Poe

Rod Serling

Stephen King

Alfred Hitchcock

Elmore Leonard

Langston Hughes

Robert Frost


Mission Statements

To entertain and educate my audience so they not only enjoy what it is they are reading but that they also learn and can take something away with them.

Justin Bienvenue

To show people that poetry is not dead but still very much an active part of our culture. It's not just a way of expression but an art form of words to be enjoyed by being written and read; by writers and readers alike.

Justin Bienvenue