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Why Are Book Trailers Underrated?

Posted on February 16, 2016 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Book Trailers are videos that act as teasers and a way of getting people to be interested in your book. But do they work? Is this one of the key pratices and techniques of building a following? I say yes. Why are book trailers so underrated? It's not because people aren't watching them it's because your not giving people a reason to wach them. Sure you can write in your "keywords" when you tag words while creating it so that people on YouTube will discover it but this only goes so far. You need a more wide range of availability and you need to drive traffic to your videos. How do you do this? Well first check out my 6 Ways to Generate Book Trailer Views  for starters as it gives 6 very simple ways to harn views. Also realize that while you want to draw people to Youtube because that's where most go to watch videos you shouldn't just use Youtube. Use other sites such as Daily Motion, Vimeo or even GodTube if you write Christian Fiction. Why are book trailers underrated? Because your not promoting and marketing to the group of people who decide to buy a book based off watching them. This is why you need to promote your trailers to as many video streaming sites as you can and then not only make tags and keywords pertaining to people on those sites but go look for outside sites where people who enjoy watching book trailers will be interested. Do such people and places exist? Of course they do, they may not be easy to find but again there are people whose decision to buy a book is based on their watching of book trailers.

Why are book trailers underrated? Because it's a simple tool that doesn't need a group or niche. Even if certain people don't immediately decide to buy books based off watching trailers you should of course still pertain and market to them because it's still a book. Yes, remember? Your video is about your book so chances are while they may not be fans of trailers if you know they will enjoy the genre and content to what your books about then chances are they will still watch it and it may influence their decision. The idea is you want to entertain, you want an audience. You know you have put together quality content so you want to showcase that and show it off. You want to target a certain audience but at the same time you want to target audience in general. Nothing says you have to go all out to prmote your video, a simply promo on social media or mention of it in a comment on a site can go a long way. You also don't have to say much because your letting the trailer do all the talking. So again, aside from finding a group or targeting an audience you want to make sure you know your showing quality content and people will also see the hard work and quality content and they will be intrigued. The idea is you don't want people to be sold you want them to invest.

Why are book trailers underrated? Given all the other ways people promote and market, no one thinks to make them or view them. What's wrong with this? Well for one we watch television and we watch movies but most of all we watch commercials. What makes us go out and watch a movie? commercials for upcoming movies. What are these? You guessed it, movie trailers. Book trailers are like movie trailers in the sense that they are trying to get your interested and they want you to invest. Most people enjoy movie trailers and in this case book trailers are a smaller version of them but they have the same intent and message which is to attract a following. Personally, if there's one thing I enjoy more than writing a novel it's creating a book trailer for it. I do this because I want to showcase my book in a creative way. Not only do I want to appeal to my audience but I want to appeal to a certain audience and I also know that trailers intrigue people. I feel that while book trailers are underrated it doesn't stop me from creating them because in the event they pick up, I have mine there for view for people to watch at any time. Who knows if book trailers will pick up and become a part of the essential ways to promote books but that should not stop us from creating them and it should not stop us from continuing to use them as a way to promote our novels.

The Importance of Book Trailers

Posted on August 3, 2015 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

If any of you have seen me around on Goodreads you've heard me discuss this in several topics. Book trailers are important, are they necessary? I say yes and no. Given our society and between our love for watching Youtube videos and needing to be persuaded by media it shows that perhaps book trailers are a necessity after all. I think book trailers are one of the most underrated tools to promote one's book and many authors under utilize it. They are simple to make and you don't have to go find a trailer making service and spend hundreds of dollars. You can if you'd like but I don't think it's necessary. You can post them to Youtube which is the main spot(in my opinion), your website/blog if you have one and even on Goodreads. I actually make my own book trailers as they are easy to make if you have Windows Movie Maker or something similar on your computer. This not only saves you money but I assure you once you figure out how it works you'll not only be making quality book trailers but you'll have fun making them as well. There is an audience for book trailers. There are people out there who determine the books they wish to read by browsing and watching book trailers. Also if your trailer is done well enough the main idea is that it draws the attention of someone who just happens to come across it so again they don't need to be followers of trailers but at least interested in the idea of your book and they watch the trailer to become more interest and it makes them go out and buy it.


 If you don't wish to make your own you can always look around on Goodreads at members who offer book trailer making services or a simple Google serach will work as well though again I'd suggest giving Windows Movie Maker or whatever kind of program you have on your computer a try. Should you invest time into making one? Yes. It won't hurt. Even if you believe it won't drive in sales which it probably won't it serves as another way for you to reach people and get your book out there. Lets be honest we all enjoy movie trailers as they peek our interest to see the movies, well book trailers serve the same purpose. Also we tend to have short attention spans so it's goo to make your trailer between 1-2 and a half minutes. Trailers also serve as a great promotional aspect, it's another way for someone to speak about your book on your behalf. With trailers you can talk about your book, tell a little bit about them, tease people about it. If they enjoy it then chances are they will check it out. With all the promotional and makreting tools that are already out there and at your advantage to use, what do you really have to loose in making a book trailer? Look of it as an extra to your book, a mini movie, I think I speak on behalf of most authors when I say we'd all like to see our books make it to the big screen. Well, with a book trailer we can do just that, make it into a mini movie and showcase our book.

So what do we know? We as a society enjoy being entertained by watching Youtube videos and whether or not we want to admit it the media influences what we like in one way or the other. Trailers are and can be easy to make if you have time, patience, creativity and the proper program to use to make one. There are quite a few places to post them and you really have nothing to loose by making one. So what are you waiting for? Go browse some book trailers and get a good idea. You can check out my" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">trailers I've made and if it inspires you to want to make you own well good because you should. Go on and make your own and realize the importance of book trailers!