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My Poetry

Fun, Unique, Quirky, Inspiring

Black Jackal

He is the one who prepares the dead
from transition of life to death
The body of a man with a dog’s head
but he does not share their breath

He takes pride in his sacred work
it’s an oath to him, an honor and right
Unlike the Reaper he does not lurk
Again he prepares you to go gentle into that light

A god of Egypt, a god of his trade
He mummifies the body for the afterlife
These preparations must be made
With him one cannot start such a strife

He then places the body in a sarcophagus
A luxurious coffin during ancient times
He places them in a tomb that’s monstrous
This is why tomb raiders commit crimes

He does not negotiate or haggle
He is a king of sorts, the embalmers of therapeutics  
The Black Jackal
The Lord of the Underworld, Anubis

A Day With Droopy Monkey

I met a droopy monkey at an ice cream parlor
He gave me a yell as he popped his collar
He ate raunchy mango out of a cone
Then grabbed me and took me to the Twilight Zone

Psychedelic darkness was all I saw
Such strange colors leaving me in awe
Suspended in time of non-reality
Me and droopy monkey in inequality

I wanted to go home but he said not yet
I’m taking you somewhere you’ll never forget
I was expecting Neverland then he rolled a pair of dice
Then droopy monkey said welcome to Morphine Paradise 

Gently the Heart Weeps 

There is no soul for those who inflict pain
Divided by substance, damaged in this game
There is no solace, solitude or solution
For what you have done has caused pollution and confusion
One must have no conscience or breathes nonsense
For you must be confident and content but never out of context
Why else would you have done what you did?
The one solid thing in your life in which you got rid
Replaced it with something no where close to what you had
But then again you’re pleased with it and not sad
Order could be restored but it doesn’t seem likely
Especially since it doesn’t faze you, not even slightly
No one should be left in the dust with tears shed
With a heart so broken that all it’s done is bled
Mended only if not fixed up coldly
And if given that chance to never again feel so lonely
There is no way in which the mind tells the heart
To shatter ones love by breaking it apart
The more damage done the deeper the soul seeps
And a key not up for keeps as gently the heart weeps

All That Remains

She showers herself in ashes of her lost love
To cleanse herself and feel close to him once more
To open the door to the acceptance
But gets tangled up in a web of deceit
For a web is unlike any bars that hold
Yet she is the spider, the death in which she bathes
Her merciful bliss is all but a facade
She does breast stokes through the codeine
To make herself feel better
At night she lies in the ashes of a stranger
But truly she lies in bed alone
In a bed that she didn’t make
She sees without seeing
At the drop of a tear into a bleeding rose
It’s nothing she wanted
It’s everything she did
Time and regret are watching her
Preying on her like a vulture
She cannot see their agenda
For now is time is no longer sacred
She showers herself in ashes of the dead
To take away the loneliness and pain
But she’s a tainted child who loves the pain
It makes her feel alive...  


Tis’ the beginning when nature begins to bloom
All colors so full, vibrant and bright
Time to get out the gardening tools, rakes and broom
Let in that flowing breeze and shining light
Around this time people go on a break
For a well deserved, well earned vacation
Out to the waters to an ocean or lake
To a remote and beautiful location

Temperatures are at a just right point
Not too hot and not too cold
A perfect opportunity to enjoy and exploit
The weather, hold a yard sale and see what gets sold
As things have grown and become more live
The temperature soon begins to change
Insects and animals now immune to survive
The sun comes more into area and range


Weather now hotter with the temps rising
The beach is now the place to be
People from all over arriving
For those looking for shade go under a tree
Time for tanning but be protected
That sun can really reign down
Don't want to get burned or infected
Find shade if there’s any around

Relax in the sand and build a castle
Or go surfing to enjoy the waves
Be careful they can be a hassle
On the beach with beautiful babes
Its all about fun and really about the water
So jump in a have a blast
Best way to cool down since its getting hotter
And this nice weather isn't going to last

Climate changes yet again
All surroundings a more peaceful setting
The sun is now once again your friend
And no more worries of heatstroke and sweating
Leaves change colors and to the ground they fall
Taking in the amazing view
Trees now bare don't seem so tall
But now everything seems so new
Feelings are festive during the harvest
And just feel so peaceful and pleasant
But raking up all those leaves is the hardest
The Harvest moon so shiny and luminescent
All around outdoors is leaf after leaf
For the trees no longer seem as if there living
Comes the day of all Hallow's Eve
And the bless'ed day of Thanksgiving

Once again the temperature changes
But nor hot or warm as they once were
Into the lower freezing cold ranges
Time to break out the jackets of thermal and fur
Its time to keep warm instead of keeping cool
With blankets and a nice cup of hot coco
Don't adventure out unless needed, don’t be a fool
Time to break out the ole snow blow

As cold as it is the snow fall is breath taking
Again such a beautiful sight
Snowmen and angels definitely worth making
It feels cold but the feeling feels right
Make use of the snow don't let it go to waste
If there's a blizzard there's no need to fear
After your done get warm by the fireplace
Before you know it Spring will again be here...

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